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🇫🇷 Community Moderator Eramdam @CM_eramdam@mastodon.social

Olá para nossos novos usuários!

Por favor, note: Você NÃO PODE publicar fotos nuas ou pornografia para os prazos públicos de mastodon.social. Use a configuração de privacidade de postagem não listada. Além disso, os nus / porn devem ser filtrados como não seguros para o trabalho (use o ícone "olho" sob sua postagem).

Hello to our new users!

Please note: you MAY NOT post nude photos or pornography to the mastodon.social public timelines. Use the Unlisted post privacy setting.In addition, nudes/porn MUST be filtered as not safe for work (use the "eye" icon under your post).

Trust me, if you come in here on good faith, use your CWs the way you should, and just generally try and get along with people, even when you're debating, you'll do fine.

Please read the TOS/rules of your respective instance as well and follow them.

It is important to understand that this does not affect any servers beyond mastodon.social and toot.love. If you are on another instance, this decision has no effect on you.

Heads up! We've been receiving an escalating amount of harassment from users on toot.love and the admin advertises the server as "no moderation". As such, the moderators at mastodon.social have chosen to silence toot.love.

You will still receive toots from people you follow on toot.love, and people on toot.love who follow you will still receive your toots. toot.love users' toots will not appear on the m.s federated timeline or in the notifications of people who don't follow them.

Once more, with feeling:

Reading the mastodon.social guidelines, at mastodon.social/about/more , is not optional if you want to post here.

mastodon.social is only one of many instances in the Mastodon federation. If you can't abide by the rules on that page - which apply to both public and unlisted toots and to your profile! - please find another instance where you might feel more comfortable.


We're getting a lot of reports about new users who don't seem to have read the rules at mastodon.social/about/more . These are not idle guidelines; they're the conditions for being welcome on mastodon.social (which is one of many instances in the Mastodon federation). If you can't follow them, even when you're posting unlisted toots, please find another instance.

Remember: one of us reads every report, and we will suspend users for repeated violations of the rules.

Anti-trans rhetoric is unconditionally unwelcome on Mastodon.social.

It looks like we have a bunch of new users. Hi there! As always, it’s important when you join a community to understand the community’s values. You can find mastodon.social’s guidelines here: Mastodon.social/about/more

In particular, I feel obliged to note that sexist remarks (like calling women “hoes”) and racist slurs (like “nigga”) aren’t welcome here. And if you’re not a fan of “SJWs”, you’re very unlikely to have a good time here.

Thanks for reading!

What I believe stands between us and v2.0 release now is the fixing of the db:migrate thing

Everything else is less critical. Although it's funny how 1.6 was huge, but merely a "minor" release because of full backwards-compatibility, while 2.0 is kinda small but gets a "major" release because of API changes :thinkhappy:

Here are some of the major features of the upcoming v2.0 as of now:

- Custom emojis
- New emoji picker
- New emoji images (twemoji)
- Emoji autosuggestions
- Ability to define themes for admins and select a theme in preferences for users
- No more private toots sent over OStatus
- When only one image/gif attached to toot, it's displayed uncropped in detail/public view
- New error page with elephant friend

I dunno, would you be happy with just that?

Instance admins have their own discussion board, which we are hoping to expand. discourse.joinmastodon.org/c/i

Hopefully we can move away from Discord in this regard. Just drop in and leave us feedback on how you’d like to use it.


Speaking of feedback, we have set up a channel for all of it at discourse.joinmastodon.org which you are all welcome to, to join the discussion.

Step one is figuring out how we want to use it. You can start by joining the discussion here:

Any etc can be directed to this website.

We are Live with our first iteration of joinmastodon.org which is going to serve as the Mastodon landing page for new users.

It is still a Work In Progress, but we are now sufficiently far along to be able to share it with you.
We want to make it easier for new users to join up.

Feedback thread

I'm now part of the Mastodon.social moderation team. I handle in priority french-speaking issues/reports, but if my fellow moderators are not here, feel free to reach out to me as well! 😁


PS: Other moderators are @CM_chrismartin @CM_rushyo @CM_noelle

[FR] Je fais désormais officiellement partie de l'équipe de modération de mastodon.social. Si vous êtes francophone sur cette instance et rencontrez un quelconque problème, n'hésitez pas, je suis là pour ça! Cependant, étant sur le fuseau horaire PST/GMT-9, il se peut que je mette un certain temps à repondre 😁


We trust these CMs to speak for and act in the best interest of m.s. CMs currently have full administrative powers, they will follow this protocol for moderation:


The google doc allows you to comment, in case you have feedback to help us improve these protocols, as you can see it’s only a version 0.5.


@CM_rushyo @CM_noelle @CM_chrismartin

We are pleased to announce our new community moderators: @CM_chrismartin, @CM_noelle, and @CM_rushyo.

Their job is to help deal with reports, they are your point of contact for community related issues.

They are here to enforce the Community Guidelines, which can be found here: mastodon.social/about/more