PSA : I won't be banning accounts. Block them on yourself.

I took care of today's spam. Anyone has a cool account I should know about ? :-p

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Slow WiFi is the new low water pressure in the shower of going home for the holidays.

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Hey America

Britain here, not wanting to be forgotten in the "politicians say the stupidest things" end of year awards

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NAACP returns Facebook donation, calls for boycott

Interesting: The NAACP has returned a donation from Facebook and called for a daylong boycott of the social network Tuesday following revelations of how its platform was used to manipulate black voters in the 2016 presidential election.

They want a boycott of fb and twit Tues, Dec. 18th.

I'd like to do my part, but I boycott 24/7/365 so I doubt they'd notice my absent absence :-)

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How long should accounts with a redirect be kept? Perhaps indefinitely, but I think some admins might appreciate an opportunity to free up space. Thoughts?

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Insults, PSA, slurs. Show more

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Hey #MastoAdmin frens with open registrations - make sure you're keeping an eye on new account registrations. There's been a HUGE uptick in bot registrations, and their naming lists are starting to look genuine.

I've seen these accounts suddenly start spamming like crazy and/or doing all sorts of other nefarious things. The IPs are a mix of origins that looks pretty similar to a botnet.

If it's a new account that doesn't post or follow anyone for a couple days, it's probably a bot.

I wrote a small incident report about the attack that happened earlier. :mastodon:

I hope it might help other instances and be useful to us next time this happens. I also think it's important to communicate with you about the issues affecting us. :breathe:

Thanks again to @Gargron and @CM_noelle for there help !


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I never thought I'd see the day when a report came in and I thought "Oh, thank goodness, it's only porn".

Most of it has been dealt with thanks to y'all, your reports made it easy for us to yank all them bastards.

Okay, they may have a little lag, but most of the bots have been killed.

Talk about a war between humans and machines.

Also the 😴 emoji is now forbidden.

They are more than 10 pages of accounts made by bots, we're gonna be dealing with this for a while.

Most of the bots seem to come from

Please stand by, currently dealing with the massive bot influx.

If you see one, please report it, comment BOT in the comment field and add a few spamming toots to help us deal with this !

Thanks !


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