The "Don't marry" spammer and the daily porn bots have bean dealt with.

Enjoy your timeline !

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Discord/Cloudflare are down, see you in the Matrix

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Eugen has begun the purge of the crossposters and I think that's beautiful.

I added a 200% more salty warning message when banning transphobes.

Is it appropriate to finish a message with "Go to hell." ?

The mysoginist spammer from has been banned from interacting with our instance and all of his content has been deleted.

Thanks for the reports !

I've approved a lot of new accounts that where waiting in queue !

Welcome to y'all new fellows. If you don't know who to follow, post a toot. I'll boost it ! 馃檪


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What mod tools could you develop with these APIs? Which could you not because a crucial part is missing? Let me know

PSA : If you're getting friends on Mastodon via, don't forget to tell them to add a small description about them when creating a new account... It makes it easier for us to approve new accounts 馃檪

thanks !

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Read the Franco-German Deal on , the worst version yet! All but the smallest, newest platforms would have to use , ALL platforms would have to accept rightholders鈥 license offers, even for content they don鈥檛 want.

Have the mods on m.s done good work until now ?

Please boost :mastodon:

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When you sign up for a Mastodon instance, please make sure that you actually check the email address you used to sign up.

Your server's moderators and admins will assume that the address you signed up with is a valid means of communication if they need to get in touch with you (for instance, if you've violated your server's rules).

PSA : I won't be banning accounts. Block them on yourself.

I took care of today's spam. Anyone has a cool account I should know about ? :-p

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Slow WiFi is the new low water pressure in the shower of going home for the holidays.

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