Community Moderator Noëlle

There are many Mastodon instances with which your home instance federates but which you might not want to see in your timelines. Fortunately, you can hide all toots from a given instance.

1) In your home instance's web interface, open the account of a user on the server you wish to hide.

2) At the bottom of their profile, next to their follower/following stats, is a "..." menu. Click that.

3) At the bottom of the new context menu, click "Hide everything from <instance>".

You're done!

@CM_noelle does that also remove your followers and following from the instance you select to hide? For instance, would muting remove my present following of

@Yarideki It will block /everything/, including the people you already follow, so be careful.

@CM_noelle Omg thank you for this. Although I only had the option to block the domain, not mute it.

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