Because it apparently needs to be repeated: DO NOT harass people you don't like. Not even if you think they deserve it. Not even if for some reason you think they're not really people because they're famous.

If someone's breaking the rules, report them and your admins will handle it.

If they're not, leave them alone.

Either way, DON'T HARASS THEM.

@CM_noelle they all think they're terribly clever but they just increase my block list...

Bofa'ing someone is harrassment now? Too bad for Wil, best friend of an actual abuser...

@CM_noelle incredibly serious question: where is the line for harassment? is it during the first post setting up the joke or the actual punchline response? how does someone consent to interaction without inherently having that consent assumed on a public platform?

@realtoddhoward @CM_noelle i'm not really sure about the answer and i don't really care too much personally in either direction, but one would think that mentioning a person only to dunk on them would qualify as harassing them, and that if i don't like someone, then i simply mute/block them. idk where the exact line is, but it's going to be somewhere in their mentions.

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