If you have a problem with another user, please report them and explain the problem instead of encouraging other users to dogpile them. This isn't Tumblr or Twitter; there are actual moderators here who will try to handle disputes.

@CM_noelle thanks folks! Bet it's been a bit wild the last 72 hours or so. Well done.

@sinvega @CM_noelle As an admin yes yes please report often! It helps us know what's going on!

@CM_noelle No all fediverse software has a report function as it's bloat and a email to a instance owner works just as well

@louisoft01 I'm a moderator of, talking about to the new users of Not every post is about you. ;)

@vriska @CM_noelle Gargmel has neofascist moderation policies so what do you expect
@vriska @CM_noelle why do you think the GNU/Axis opposes mastodon, it is setup in a way to create a monopoly on the fediverse
@vriska @CM_noelle it's ironic from when mastodon uses falsely called some GNU/Social users nazis, the spirit of the manefesto is antifascist in nature
@vriska @CM_noelle it's a name and it works, doesn't matter if the name is ironic

confriming, and making sure the new witches know @CM_noelle is right and we look at reports and do shit about them and maintain an extensive instance block list to keep creeps and fash out. let @fun and i know if there's any we missed, or you need help!



Freedom of speech means we have the right to create OUR own Mastdon instance, website, blog, app. whatever... to say what we want. Not that the platforms that we use and their owners must let us say what we want on THEIR platforms. Their place, their rules.

@dextromethorphan You're welcome to criticize the moderation, but you're also wrong. We ban child porn on sight; this has always been our rule. HOWEVER, I can't possibly see every post on this site, so if nobody reports someone who's posting child porn, I don't know they exist to ban them.

And I, at least, haven't suspended anyone for using slurs. At most I've deleted posts and removed their ability to post to the public timeline.

@dextromethorphan If you give me their usernames, I'll be happy to look up why they were suspended.

@dextromethorphan As for freedom of speech: I'm not sure where the meme that because you're free to speak, you're entitled to a specific platform came from, but you're certainly not entitled to an account on No one is. Otherwise we'd have to allow the child porn you're so angry that we "don't ban" (once again, we DO).

@Community Moderator Noëlle @Padraic Harley

If you have a problem with another user, block them or stop following them and get on with your life.
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