New users, since it's come up: please remember that Mastodon is not a corporate entity like Tumblr or Twitter. The specific server, in fact, is owned and operated by one person, who sets the rules for the server. If you don't like the rules here (which you can find at ), there are many, many other servers on the fediverse - each run by an individual or group, some of them running their own software! - that might be more to your tastes.

@CM_noelle If only Will Wheaton had taken this advice and buzzed off to his own instance.

@CM_noelle what does the CEO of Mastodon say about this?!

@CM_noelle I have no idea how the 5 of you moderate over a quarter million users but keep up the good work!

@wolfcoder @CM_noelle we take turns. Also, most issues are simple to deal with. When something more complicated happens, when ask each other for advice. :thinkerguns:

@dextromethorphan We have 300,000 users and you think I'm subtooting you specifically? You're a weird kid, Jasmine.

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