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Hello, new users!

This isn't "no rules Twitter". Please take a minute to read the rules:

Nobody's verified. ✅ is an emoji you can copy and paste into your username.

The CW button on a new toot will hide the text behind a clickable warning. Please use it liberally for lewd, graphic, or current-events toots, or to hide the punchlines of jokes.

If you upload an image, the NSFW button will appear. Clicking it will add a "sensitive image" overlay. Please use it!

Some more useful information:

Mastodon is not new. It's been around for a while, and has many longtime users. Please be as respectful of them as you'd like others to be respectful of you.

If you click the "switches" icon at the upper right of any Mastodon column, you can filter what appears there. Your Home and Local timelines have keyword filters; your Notification lets you select types of notifications to display.

The local timeline is every public, non-mention post from every user on your instance. (Here, that's It doesn't mean only toots in your language or toots from people near you. Just so we're all clear.

You can filter what languages appear in your local timeline. Click on the asterisk at the upper left, then Preferences, and check each language you'd like to filter out.

Note that this is a work in progress and is imperfect; you may have to supplement it with filtering.

Community Moderator Noëlle @CM_noelle

Your admins and moderators on are:

@Gargron - admin and creator of Mastodon
@maloki - project manager
@CM_noelle - that's me! ❤

If you run into a bug or have a question about how the site works, please contact @Support (we all keep an eye on it)

We like the community here and we want to keep you safe. We regularly check reports and read feedback. Please let us know if there's something we could do better!

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To expand on what @CM_rushyo said here some examples:

"Ugh, white people": fine
"I hate white people": fine
"I hate all white people": not so fine
"kill white people": don't do it

We know that power dynamics are a thing and that criticizing those in power is important, but we do have to draw a line, especially at incitement to violence or self-harm - even the appearance of it! - which isn't legal where is hosted.

@CM_noelle why can't I post pictures and gifs

@Maiasroberts That's a really good question - you should be able to. Are you posting from the web or from a phone app?

@Maiasroberts Hm, that may be a bug with the app then. You should be able to post text and images at the same time!

@CM_noelle oh never mind I just tried it again now and it's working, thanks 😁