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Community Moderator Noëlle

@Mithaldu @Gargron Not sure about the 502 error, they've been happening on and off all day and I don't remember if they were resolved. has been silenced and media originating from that server has been blocked because at the time of blocking they allow child pornography, and the mere possession (which includes existence on a shared server) of that content is illegal in the country where is hosted.

The instances that m.s silences/suspends are available on request.

@maloki @Daripash @jeffcliff If you can't find a way to make a joke without hurting someone, I'm pretty sure I'm not the one who's humorless.

@jeffcliff @Daripash @maloki I asked you to give me an example of a joke that /wasn't/ an attack. If you can't come up with one, then sorry, friend, you're the one who thinks that jokes are attacks.

@jeffcliff @Daripash @maloki Please give me an example of a joke about Jewish people that doesn't reinforce a negative stereotype of them or otherwise help attack them as a class.

Hey all, just a reminder since it's come up today: "sexual depictions of children" are banned on That doesn't just mean "naked children"; sexualizing children REGARDLESS of their state of dress is explicitly disallowed and will result in revocation of access to

How do you know when an elephant's been in your refrigerator? Show more

A kid went out on Halloween as a pirate, with raggedy clothes, a fake parrot on his shoulders, and a big floppy hat. At the first door he came to, a woman opened the door and said, "Oh, what are you?" "A pirate captain! Arr!" the kid replied. The woman asked, "And where are your buccaneers?" After a moment's thought, the kid said Show more

("What word?" You know what word. If, after saying the word, you have to explain that no, you don't mean ALL women/black people/gay people, just the ones you don't like, then find a different way to express yourself here.)

Hi everybody. Just a gentle reminder to read the instance rules if you haven't already:

The moderation staff take those rules seriously and take reports seriously. If you notice anyone breaking those rules on the public timeline, please report them so we can look into it.

We want to be a safe and friendly instance, which means no sexism, racism, homophobia, etc. - even if you think you're using that word in a way that doesn't hurt people, don't use it.

@minari Seu amigo disse a uma administradora que ela se recusava a seguir as regras.

Siga as regras e você não será banido.

@myoui amigA. E eu sou uma administradora aqui. Se você não pode seguir as regras, publique em outro lugar.

Olá para nossos novos usuários!

Por favor, note: Você NÃO PODE publicar fotos nuas ou pornografia para os prazos públicos de Use a configuração de privacidade de postagem não listada. Além disso, os nus / porn devem ser filtrados como não seguros para o trabalho (use o ícone "olho" sob sua postagem).

Hello to our new users!

Please note: you MAY NOT post nude photos or pornography to the public timelines. Use the Unlisted post privacy setting.In addition, nudes/porn MUST be filtered as not safe for work (use the "eye" icon under your post). is now running v2.3.0rc1, you should notice some visual differences 😋

@taoeffect The m.s staff has come to the joint decision that it's time to ask you to leave. Your beliefs and behavior are at odds with the culture we're choosing to cultivate on this specific instance. We're going to give you 24 hours to export your posts and your lists of users you're following, blocking, and muting, so you can import them elsewhere, but after that your account will be suspended. This is a courtesy not commonly extended, so please don't abuse it, or the timetable will move up.

@taoeffect @Gargron Greg, you were not "shadowbanned" for "fighting racism", you were silenced for generating a large number of reports over a very short period of time. We've asked you repeatedly to tone it down and you won't, so another moderator temporarily silenced you while we make a decision on how to proceed.

@taoeffect @schatzschild Your friend has been making transphobic posts, WHETHER OR NOT they think they have.

Transphobia is against the guidelines here.

If you think asking someone not to violate the rules of the instance, to which they agreed when they signed up, is "extreme political correctness and thought policing", I think it might be time for you to start looking for another instance.

@taoeffect Greg, did @schatzschild ask you to intercede on their behalf? You're being very aggressive right now.

@taoeffect @schatzschild Yes, I'm doing my job as moderator. You are not a moderator OR an ombudsman. If you want to give up on because I told a user that transphobia and transmisia wasn't welcome here, you go right ahead.

@schatzschild @taoeffect Perhaps I was brusque. The site posts a very long list of trans people who have been accused (not convicted) of crimes. A non-discriminatory site would post a similar list of cis people who have been accused of crimes in a similar timeframe. The failure to do so is an obvious attempt to discredit and damage the reputation of trans people as a whole.