@LuigiEsq @selfagency @kew @Gargron @killeveryhetero Okay. Thank you for clarifying. Selfagency's post was the last I could see in the thread and I wanted to shed some light.

@selfagency @kew @Gargron @killeveryhetero @LuigiEsq I'm not sure what leads you to believe this, but I've checked the audit log. bofa.lol was unsilenced on September 7 and no further instance-wide silences or unsilences have happened since then.

Further, just so everyone is clear, Administrator and Moderator are two different user statuses in Mastodon. Only administrators can implement instance blocks As far as I know, Eugen is the only administrator, which is why certain actions take longer.

Take care of yourselves. Treat yourselves better than a stranger would treat you. If you're being hard on yourself, ask yourself if a friend would say the same thing about you.

You're stronger and better than you think.

Be well. Feel loved. Remember that the world is a stranger and more mysterious place than anyone knows.

And, as always, if you're a mastodon.social user, remember to abide by the mastodon.social rules: mastodon.social/about/more

If you're not a mastodon.social user but use Mastodon, you should be able to find a similar URL on your Mastodon instance. If you can't find your instance's rules there, ask your server's admin where you can find them. It's important to know, in general, what is and isn't allowed on your instance.

(As always, instance moderation is subject to moderator judgment!)

For the foreseeable future, I will not be able to answer questions or respond to toots directed to this account. If you have questions or concerns about mastodon.social moderation, please direct them to @cm_kropot, @cm_vaporbobble, @CM_Radioactive, or @CM_chrismartin.

Be well and be strong. The fediverse depends on all of us to support each other. ❤️

Q: Why don't you automatically suspend accounts that follow a lot of users quickly?

A: The back-end can't tell the difference between a followbot who follows a lot of users quickly and a legitimate user who's importing the users they're following to a new account.

Q: Why not look for the "import my followees" flag?

A: That encourages spammers to follow a huge number of users, export their followees, and then just import when they want to make a new spam account.

I will be stepping away from moderation duties briefly to deal with a death in my family. For the time being, please direct questions to one of the other moderators: @CM_chrismartin @cm_kropot @CM_jusdepatate @cm_vaporbobble @Yukari

@throgh I've asked my German-speaking colleagues to review the account. Thanks!

@ephekt @Gargron See rule 3b (mastodon.social/about/more):

3. The following types of content are explicitly disallowed and will result in revocation of access to the service:
b. Content illegal in Germany and/or France, such as holocaust denial or Nazi symbolism

I'm not sure if some people think I own or control mastodon.cloud 🤔 For reference, no, only mastodon.social is mine!

@Hopesmash @Eweish1 @CM_chrismartin @Yukari @cm_vaporbobble @cm_kropot @CM_jusdepatate @Gargron No, I trusted that you were asking your question in earnest and it didn't seem like a subject anyone else would be interested in.

@Hopesmash Ah, you got me. Thank you for taking the time to make another human being's day worse.

@comradetaylorswift If I see anyone on mastodon.social messaging you with a snake emoji, I assure you I will take appropriate action.

Tonight went badly and got out of control on my end. I have a reason but it's not an excuse. I apologize to everyone involved and will gladly offer a personal apology to anyone who needs one.

@holopleather @Eweish1 @Gargron Being targeted by the connotations doesn't give her the right to target anyone else with them, but hey, you defend what you need to defend.

@holopleather @Eweish1 @Gargron Once again, nope. I assert this statement is true because there are decades of history behind it.

Funny, though, how you insist I'm arguing ipse dixit without applying that logic to the people arguing against me. Maioris praecepta, I suppose.

@holopleather @Eweish1 @Gargron I'm a Classical Studies scholar. I know my Latin.

Referring to a man using a gendered slur referring to another gender has been an insult implying that the man is "womanly" or homosexual for more than a century. There is plenty of literature to back this up.

Insisting that this is a fallacy ipse dixit is the fallacy.

@ConfusedImp You're absolutely right, and I do my best to take that into account.

@Estrusflask @Eweish1 @CM_chrismartin @Yukari @cm_vaporbobble @cm_kropot @CM_jusdepatate @Gargron When I moderate I take the approach that "the wife of Caesar must be above reproach". I /can't/ act on my personal emotions or past baggage or it taints the process.

I frankly disagreed with the decision to silence Eweish and I'm the one who lifted the silence. I've been trying to explain why /another mod/ silenced someone for the last /hour/.

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