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"Give it to me raw and wriggling."

It's like a pickpocket that keeps selling you back your own watch. As long as it's possible to trick you you deserve to be tricked.

The mastery of nature is to be achieved through measure and number.

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Hit the nail on the head there lad. Virtue signalling... it's the new fidget spinner.

Unfortunately it has a longer life expectancy than, say, Pokémon Go, but it's a fashion statement with about as much depth.

Virtue signalling and Pokémon Go both feed on reward-motivated behaviors, i.e. the anticipation of reward increases the level of dopamine in the brain, but virtue signalling rewards are slightly more sophisticated than collecting gifs.

The teacher is lucky to even get the basics required for survival and not to be excommunicated like Baruch de Spinoza was.

He's a dying lion being kicked to death by donkeys.

"We don't make full use of all the people in the world. We don't have our situation set up so that the gifts that someone could offer to everyone are fully realised, we haven't set the systems up for that yet so we waste people like mad, and then we waste ourselves like mad." - Jordan Peterson.

Not sure if "Newspeak House" is a joke or irony.

The important letters in the word 'democracy' are CRA and CY (K)

Demo is media. Spy in the middle.

CRA is CAR. It's like saying you think the bus is heading in the right direction.

Democracy has to be qualified. People are too stupid for 'direct democracy' as they'd vote to send Charles Manson to the moon etc, so you have what you see: 'indirect democracy' - offloading responsibility onto the overlord, which frees up time for entertainment.

Computational Intelligence is not artificial intelligence, it's very real.

Artificial Intelligence™ is what it sounds like - a marketing buzz-term applicable to programs and applications designed for the purposes of reducing human cognitive function and or abilities.

K ~ Verse Uni. Towards one.

The mission is remote control.

The Age of Decadence.

"In loneliness, the lonely man eats himself; In a crowd, the many eat him... Now choose." - Friedrich Nitzche.

Instagram is bad news.

Signal strength and non-thermal neurological impact.

Martin L. Pall address at GIH, Stockholm, Sweden, 10.03.16. -

Flying insect decline -

5G streetlight antenna glimpse -

University of Surrey white papers -

Note: nosebleeds, tree-felling.


"How can I sell the debt?"

Dunno about you but dreaming about having sex with ex-girlfriends is the worst. Feel bloody terrible in the morning.

TVR returning to racing at 2018 Le Mans.