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That's a plain way of telling that the bank cooked their books and RBI failed to figure that out. What a fall from where our banks stood their head held high in 2008 market slump. This is akin to the garland in monkey's neck!!


"The citizenry’s distrust in institutions and lack of confidence in the government have caused a prolonged slowdown." - Dr. Manmohan Singh.

It's not about how eloquent you're, nor is it about the number of world leaders hugged for photo-ops, but, about erudition to pave path to materialize the vision.

We miss you Manmohan Singh at the helm.


India Inc. faced a combined earnings loss of 68% YoY, the lowest profits in 15 years.

This is more than alarming and the worse is yet to come.


It's unequivocally deplorable how the center is handling for the very reason it's their democratic right to demand their rights. Clamping down the protests in a democracy is nothing but fascism!!

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In the Feku GujModel, the fake encounter specialist asked complicit, rogue cops to go after critics of Nero and unarmed people whose corpses were conveniently dubbed as "terrorists"

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Ex-RSS pracharak Sudheesh Minni in his book "Hidden Secrets of Hell" says during 2008 Gurjar agitation in Rajasthan, RSS men kidnapped & raped hundreds of young Gujjar girls.

The cries of those girls continued to haunt me for years, he says.


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Back from Kashmir. 100th day of Internet blackout, no SMS service. Prepaid phones not restored yet. Select broadband Internet connections restored after permission from IGP and detailed undertakings.

Been living in darkness since the snowfall due to administrative unpreparedness

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Shehla_Rashid/stat

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Let's talk about being anti-establishment.

I have this default attitude of challenging any sort of authority. The 'authority' often shifts from person to person.

At a young age, it was my parents and family who were the authority. In school, it was my teachers, in my job, it's my bosses or whoever is paying me.

And ultimately, the authority is now the Government.

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An Indian who believes in the India enshrined in the Constitution. I am forced to speak up, because we are straying from that ideal, and to remain silent is to enable bigotry.

@Jay_Ambadi Halfway through, so far the most interesting part of the Ayodhya judgement is how the court demolished the claims of Nirmohi Akhara and the evidence and witnesses presented by them.

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@Jay_Ambadi Reached page 357 of 1045 of the Ayodhya Judgement. Everything (including every evidence) discussed so far supports only the case of Masjid. This is like a suspense thriller now. I don't want to miss any clue, though I want to see how the final outcome was arrived at!🙄

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@Jay_Ambadi Hmm...
"The purpose for which juristic personality is conferred cannot be evolved ‘into a trojan horse that permits, on the basis of religious faith and belief, the extinguishing of all competing proprietary claims over property." -SC

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@Jay_Ambadi 17 pages of generic academic discussion on the concept of juristic personality! No wonder the whole judgement amounted to 1045 pages.

With more academic discussion relevant to Hindu idols the total pages on juristic personality come to 39! Then starts the application to the case in hand!

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@Jay_Ambadi "The Places of Worship Act imposes a non-derogable
obligation towards enforcing our commitment to secularism under the Indian Constitution....Non-retrogression is a foundational feature of the fundamental
constitutional principles of which secularism is a core component" - SC 2/2

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