Two mins silence for those who think BJP now is going to start talk about development and economy! @Deepsealioness

@CZubair @Deepsealioness well, when it comes to BJP and development, the picture of two magnets having the same force how they repel each other, comes into mind ;)

@shirishag75 @CZubair @Deepsealioness some rumours circulating that if the economy falls govt will take 70 percent of your savings in banks.

@CZubair @Deepsealioness and 4 mins silence for those who actually believe they are going to DO anything about it other than talking.

@CZubair @Deepsealioness
Once the template is ready
Anything is possible including tempering with constitution.

Infact SC is the first to temper

@CZubair @Deepsealioness Yes they will do that but building of more statues & temples.Will ask for vote in the name of Temple.

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