Less Than 2 Hours Left Till The NSFW Ban Goes Into Effect....Mrs Obama, Its Been An Honor

Me *enters the trollian space discord*
*sees 30 members*
‘Don’t back out, dont back out, dont’
*gets nervous and leaves*

tootuals read this and Do It 

taco bell taco was so good oml like taco bell obviously isn't authentic Mexican/latino food but bitch I live for fast food tbh and I haven't had taco bell in a brick

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Joooolene
I’m begging with you please don’t take my 🍮

anyone else in this thread love their tootuals unconditionally

y'all ever forget your own name for a minute and have to buffer when someone asks you what it is

we have a donut pillow and sometimes we put it on the kittens. they hate it

Not to flex on y’all but

*drinks a gallon of vinegar*

*twists around and cracks my spine like a glowstick* *it starts glowing*

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