Opened my new storefront to test out the logistics and also uploaded some originals for sale 🤗 please be patient with me if any issues arise..!

This is just a temporary test session so store will be closed in under a week— RTs appreciated, thanks!


Day 7 of #caitlearnstodraw my #draweveryday project
Just some perspective practice today. I have an assignment to write for work I need to do

And now that I think of it the tree could use more shading.
That's a sign of progress, right? Being able to see little things to adjust and then improving them?

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Went over some of the coffee cup lines so they showed up better

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I posted yeaterday's entry earlier, and now here's today's entry in my #draweveryday project

Day 5 of #caitlearnstodraw

20 yards of linen = 2 ounces of gold, or, if you eat it. nothing can stop you.

OH OH OH! I figured it out how to add a tag column.

1. Click or search your fav .
2. In the column that pops up, click the Settings icon (top right).
3. Click on the "Pin" option.

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Hey new peeps! Tomorrow is #ff Follow Friday, pretty similar to other places, where you shoot out cool people who are worth paying attention to!


Please make sure they're okay with it first. Some folks (like me) kinda keep to themselves and random follows out of nowhere can cause stress and anxiety.

My old retail job was basically run by side characters in every YA novel ever? There was:

-The neurotic bi guy with a stutter.

-A closeted trans woman with a Passion(TM)

-An overly nice football fan who would take every shift you asked him to.

-A kind South-East Asian man with a love of trap music and baseball caps.

-A pop-goth manager, she has a nose-ring and got pregnant twice.

-A temporary worker with a mysterious past involving record tycoons, sex work and the Hells Angels.

:hexafriend: hey buddy! i'm trapped in my own post! please god lemme outta here!

Tip for artists and people making indie games: When you distribute your art as pngs, run an optimizer on them first. is free. I've seen up to 50% size reduction, with 25% being very common.

I've ALSO seen RPGMaker games where I was able to reduce the download size by over 100 MB, which will reduce dl times and save on bandwidth costs.

#Art #Advice #PNG #GameDev

How to explain Mastodon to new users:

A. Tell them it is a distributed social network with many independent separate Federated sites

Be. Send them to this helpful link:

See. Strip naked and dance around while chanting, "Bully Bully I'm Fully Woolly. Bully Bully I'm Fully Woolly".

4. Yo, fam, check my SC. Link in bio.

it feels a little Mr Rogers to me to simply express that it's nice, in some sense, to be in y'all's presence on a day that would otherwise be spent traveling alone and anonymously

but you know what? I love Mr Rogers

it's nice to be y'all's neighbors 💚

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