i shouldn't feel happy. i should scream about the rule of law being flouted.
but after seeing Jyothi Singh's rapists and murderers still alive, i can't but help wondering, if this way is not so bad.

All four accused in Hyderabad vet rape and murder case shot dead

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@Calamur Given the abysmally slow speed of our criminal justice system, I can understand why you feel this.
But if a system starts giving in to pressures in this way, it sets a terrible precedent.
Wish there could have been a better way out from this.

@shivam_janus_bahuguna i know. i feel terrible about feeling this way.
but i think of the Unnao victim too, lying in bed with 90% burns - and i wonder if she would be there if someone had shot her rapists :(

and, i feel terrible for thinking that. :(

@Calamur Its the emotional toll of a declining social fabric. It desensitizes all of us in some way.

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