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There were 38,947 rapes in the Republic of India, in 2016. Or 107 rapes every single day. Of these, the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) says that 2,167 are gang rapes.

i look at crime, punishment, and upbringing in my piece for

Rapists amongst us.
I write about the rape epidemic in India, and the trend of young men hunting in gangs to rape women

Roger Federer to become first living person to be celebrated on Swiss coins

In 2017, there were 311,272 crimes reported against women.
remember, most crimes are not reported, and therefore never turn up on NCRB data.
UP - 56,011
Maha - 31979
WB - 30,992
MP - 29788

4 states - account for 48% of the crimes

If the government spent as much time on the economy as it did trying to trend worthless hashtags on the bordsite, maybe they wouldn't have to trend hashtags 😎

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: I am a media professional who has worked across formats - print, TV, digital; and genres - Education, Entertainment and News.
I work in - and i completely enjoy what i do.
I also write on technology, society, culture, and politics.
I am putty in the paws of my Dog(ess) - Cookie
Live in

I believe that a few millennia earlier, dogs domesticated human beings. And, the rest is history :)

Fabulous read - Dogs Can't help falling in love

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The use of elephant-shaped column brackets in buildings of the Lahore Fort reflects the influence of Hindu motifs on Mughal architecture during the reign of Akbar.

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Air Quality Index (AQI) crossed 180 for 2 days in Sydney last week. It felt horrible.

Till people googled Delhi’s AQI!

Which regularly crossed 999 (as instruments can’t read or display more than 1000) in November.

Sydney people now think that Indians are teenage mutant ninja turtles😂

Who believes didn't know

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