I honestly have no clue why people like mobas

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All source code of abandoned software should be open sourced. Manufacturers should be forced to do so on the end of service date.

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I’d love it if duckduckgo could let us choose multiple languages to search in.

None have never felt so great to leave than LinkedIn. Just closed this one now and it feels like I just won 50$ playing the lottery or something.

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Been closing all my social media accounts and every time I click on the “delete my account” button I feel a little rush of dopamine or something. Feels great.

Hanging around with Playstation fanboys looking around at people like we're the coolest kids in town.

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My daughter Mabitha keeps asking me when Ruth Bader Ginsburg will make the bad orange man go away. I keep calling her a libcucked SJW and explaining that the old hag is dead but she just laughs at me and tells me death is a veil that blinds only the weak.

What a wonderful game. I love the direction where Jens Bergensten took it.

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Got the Minecraft bug back again after not playing it for over 6 years

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Dear President Xi,
As a real American first grader, I want to ask you, how come you have not yet invaded? The pigs of the West have grown lazy and complacent. A few key strikes in critical areas would cut at the jugular of global capitalism. Please strike now while the iron is hot. The boat of liberation can only be brought into port on an ocean of capitalist blood.
Sincerely yours,
Green Table,
Ms. MacFeary's Class

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Business model: Hi, I’m a poison apple.

UX team: Right, let’s dip this baby in sweet candy and shove a stick into it.

Business model: I’m still a poison apple.

UX team: Yeah, but now they can’t taste the poison.



What a look! Rather enjoying the necromancer in Diablo 3

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right clicking all factory units to pause "covid vaccine" progress and switch production to "large skeleton"

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Gamer with a Heisenberg pfp stating that he’s “hyped for this”

Yet another person leaving the project that I'm currently on at work. It's sort of weird how much the team changed in 5 years.

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