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Pray for me dad I beat Covid but my dad has been hospitalized put on a ventilator sedated and I have to make the medical decisions so please pray for us its appreciated.

For those who dont know I'm in the Messianic movement which has similarities and differences to Christianity and Judaism I decided I wanted to teach the word of God so I got ordained as a minister by an unbiased non denominational source.

Which one should I use?

@jmanumeza I feel like I only want to post on Facebook or Twitter once every week or two and mainly just get on there to check my messages they are getting so bad they sell our information first off then they tell us what to do.

@jmanumeza absolutely I love Mastodon. Facebook and Twitter is turning to crap.

I am a Walmart associate and sedwick is the worst thing I've dealt with just keeping it real.

Im sorry I accidently set my meatless bacon poll for one day instead of 7 my meat bacon poll is still going pork bacon is in the lead carrot bacon won meatless the final 2 will face off.

What's the best kind of meatless bacon? I can do the trash air growls I just cant do like the death screams. I would be willing to put something out I'm trying to learn the metal screams personally. I used to be able to sing really good but my voice has gone down hill I can still sing a little.

I decided I'm going to mostly get on Mastodon and Messenger lite and I will only check Twitter for private messages once a day I might try to limit myself to only post on Facebook or Twitter once every week or two. sounds like something that a playa would say to play and pick up hot ladies all day.

I'm going to be getting on Mastodon and Messenger lite most of the time now I'm rarely going to get on Twitter or on Facebook to post if I can help it.

I think Mastodon is probably the best social media site ever. It's great that we dont have one large company controlling everything and that we have a decentralized network that's why I got tired of Facebook and Twitter they sell our information and they are controlling.

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