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Gautam Gambhir skipped a parliamentary meeting on air pollution today. His reason? He has a family to support!

So here's a quick reminder of how much a Member of Parliament earns for doing his job (including attending such meetings).

My piece.

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SquintNeon and his gang of abusive RW trolls are here already! Kindly BLOCK HIM & ALL HIS FOLLOWERS before they start harassing or SSing ur toots!!

@Deepsealioness @Shudraism @dearthofsid

Stay safe & boost this to warn others here!!


Not going to toot about Ayodhya untill evening, gonna a take a lot of time to understand the judgement

Seems like the Ayodhya verdict is going to eclipse all other issues after all - Maharashtra govt formation, Delhi pollution and what not.
But the issue of farmer suicides cannot simply be forgotten !

In view of the supreme court verdict please do the following:

1 - Do not watch any extreme debates
2 - wait for a confirmation for whatever you hear
3 - don't give into speculation
4 - above all stay safe !

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@Deepsealioness greetings πŸ™
Would be greatful for a boost from you and others who want a slander free cyber space

Nice to be part of the tooterati ! Greetings fellow tootles ! πŸ€—

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So we all be different people over here.
You can have an Indian liberal mood.
a Desh Bhakt.
Political keeda.
Bollywood enthusiast.
With all different instances.
But please no Snaghi
@Mastodon @imMAK02

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So Tavleen Singh defended a regime who wont let her son come to see her anymore.....

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If you want to suggest to somebody to read a certain thread on Mastodon you can boost it or interact directly in the thread and call the account of the person that you want to join the discussion (Ok, @Zid1o88 ?πŸ˜‰)

Mastodon decided to not implement the 'retweet and comment' function because is mostly used for harrassment and also because it leads to talking AROUND a thread without taking part of it.

Posting the link of a toot is also ok but remember that this will work correctly only from desktop. On smartphones, unfortunately, clicking on.the link will bring you outside the App to the browser.

Also, always remember to write the COMPLETE account address of users.

@name wil work for peoole on your same Instance, but if you want to interact with people based on other instances the format is @name@instance

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Just figured out Mastodon through Toot app on iPhone. Hurray!

Am finally on Mastodon! πŸ‘ŠπŸ₯³


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