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A bad joke 

I tried too hard to boost a toot and think I shat myself 😩

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Hi, I'm Cameron! (They/Them)

I'm a -ian, an -ist, a -er . I'm a in , working to become a Primary Teacher.
I'm likely -ic but I'm not diagnosed.

I'm really into , , , , , I've learned a little C++ and I'd like to experiment with

I'm new here, I want to meet people and form connections & community.
If that sounds good to you please interact! :)

DIY ~ / Family - / Joke + 

I love D.I.Y and I hate my D.I.YFE


Hell is other Anarchists and ‘Leftists’

Music / Food pic 

It’s a Half Waif mug. Words are from her song ‘Ordinary Talk’.


I’d like to completely change my life in so many ways, it’s very daunting.


I’ve been sadposting irl or online for longer than I can recall.

In highschool I remember one particularly not vague sadpost I wrote very earnestly.

People who at the time and often I still think were my genuinely close friends made fun of my writing, purposefully ignored the cry for help and used it against me by making it a recurring joke.

Living undercover in cis straight man world and highschool fucking sucked and I’m so glad I can look back on it like that now.

Music Recs / Discussion 

I’ve been obsessed with Daughters album “You Won’t Get What You Want” since I first heard it.
Here’s a track, if you want to listen:

I just found a post of ‘If you like Daughters then you might like...’ recommendations and ended up downloading like 20 albums!
It’ll take me ages to get through all of them but I’ll surely mention any that I find I like.

Have you listened to anything that excited or otherwise affected you lately?

I am so unhelpful to myself. I have this recurring habit that when I have to get a task that I really don’t want to done I just SUDDENLY become really creatively charged to do other things.

I’m so irritating. 😠

Selfie / Motion / Sound 

Tried to share a video of me playing something but it’s too long.

Good Morning 

Good Morning folks!

How are we today? Any plans now that the New Year period is passed?

Meta + 

2. Make an account on an instance like Kolectiva for when I want to engage anarchists engage with the ✨discourse✨

3. I’d then make an art/music account on a relavent instance for when I want to just look at art or share my music or do that ✨discourse✨

I think this should mean that I know what to expect when logging on to a particular instance and that I can choose the right one for what I’m feeling like engaging with. :)

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Meta + 

I think improving my Mastodon experience is about managing expectations, to avoid disappoint or alienation when logging on.

So far my ideas are:
1. On this account, unfollow anyone who isn’t a mutual or that I follow but has never interacted and then right a bio that says what I’m about, including that mutual connect is how I want to interact with others. This would mean I know I’m logging into an account solely of people who I can talk with and feel connected to or seen by.

Meta / School ref / Sad ref ~ 

I have to unfollow some people that have their established group and all speak to each other on the tl.

I’m flashing back to school when I would stand close beside a group of people who were all friends and I’d hear them joking to each other and not get it and never get included even though I was signalling that I wanted to be their pal.

It makes me feel similarly invisible.

Think I’ll make a rule not to follow anyone who I don’t talk to or won’t talk to me.

Meta / School ref / Sad ref ~ 

I think I want my mastodon experience to just be like checking in on my friends.


I thought of this as a lyric yesterday. Hopefully it will blossom into a complete song

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The future is a carrot on the presents’ stick.
Time doesn’t exist.

Text Jazz / Screen Reader unfriendly 

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Joke / Meme reference 

I don’t know who flowless is and at this point I’m too afraid to


Mushroom Risotto w/ Fried Mushrooms and Kale on top :))

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