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Cool screen capture from surfing tonight! This was just before I purled my board and fell off but it looks cool here!

Blah and cold Sunday morning, thank goodness for NCIS: LA on Ion.


It hurts more to be stabbed in the back by a so-called ally than kicked in the face by a known foe. That’s why I criticize Democrats more than Republicans. When you FINALLY see past all of their empty platitudes and lip service you see that Democrats do not work “for the people.”



My mother won’t speak to me because she’s so deep into the Cult of Democrats. We must destroy the two-party system if we want to free the USA out of cult-like thinking. It is not working for anyone other than the uber-wealthy. ⚔️


I'm tempted to report Bernie's account for impersonation or being hacked, whoever is posting the pro-Biden trash on it is setting fire to Bernie's credibility.

Looks like Twitter is up early and left Twitter is doing a helluva job eating our own some more.

RT Oh well. I am a socialist, so I'm not voting for him. Plus, he sexually assaulted Tara Reade and inappropriately touched 7 women.


We went for a hike in a redwood forest this afternoon, it was surprisingly pretty busy but still loads of fun to get out in nature, walk some trails, balance on rocks to cross the stream, skip some rocks and get the kids off screens!

If you give your vote away you are also giving away your leverage, if you can't understand this then just shut the fuck up.

There are some real assholes pretending to be leftist allies on this site.

If all the eligible voters in America who have the ability to write in a candidate wrote in Bernie Sanders, would he win? Not actual voters, eligible voters.

What a dumb YouTube channel. They have really well made videos but put bullshit clickbait titles on them that have nothing to do with the content. I hate being lied to so they just got their asses blocked.

OMG, I just successfully completed an hour of therapy after bouncing off the system for the better part of two years!


Despite the narrative, it's not "voter enthusiasm" causing those long lines, it's voter suppression. We saw it in the primaries, and we've known for decades that this disproportionately affects poor, young, and non-white communities.


Your irregular reminder that the Democrats had a choice, stop Bernie or stop Trump and they chose to stop Bernie. We do not owe them a motherfucking thing. They owe US.

and that includes DA's and AG's.



Breonna Taylor grand juror reveals Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron lied about grand jury decision—grand jury wasn't given option to charge 1st degree murder, 2nd degree murder, or manslaughter. FULL REPORT:


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