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K @CaptainKateCapsize@mastodon.social

Someone just exploded. He was made of dough, apparently. Messy.

I am watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch now, because why not?

She's dancing!

Burned up some of the garden waste, now I smell of smoke!

Also the fire went out and I couldn't get it going again I am bad at fires.

Swans at the park! I should take my camera there more often, lots to see.

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Random English fact, swears Show more

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This is one of the resaons wy I love the english language !

This site is both informative and endless fun.
Estpecially when you see that the moles are syndicalists


Ninja Garden would've been a better game, and now thanks to someone's eBay typo I'll be forever dreaming of this experience I'll never have!

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new dog? puppy.
old dog? puppy.
weird scaly dog? puppy.
el͖̳̟̭͍̝d̳̤r̖͍͓i͚̜̟̩t͚ch̬̭̮̭ họ̲̮̗̣̰r̺ro̰̥̫̹͓r̤?̹̺̖͇̺ͅ puppy.

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Tootdon icon is Musharna? Brain says so, who am I to argue?

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Launched my new comics Tumblr today! Anniversary Comics is a hub to link all my various blogs together - come here for / an lots of !

I have reached the cherry tree of doom!

It's the halfway point in the garden, but I haven't been able to see what mysteries lie beyond it before now.

The brambles appear to be thicker on the other side. And taller than I am, by a fair bit. I am tall. Funyay!

Fire Show more

It was too big to fit in the front door (it doesn't open all the way), so I had to open the box on the doorstep, then lift it *over* the door, at a weird angle.

Inconvenient house.

Big incinerator burner thing arrived today, so I can finally start clearing the huge piles of plant parts I'm creating, in a comfortable, contained kind of way.