ricky gervais: gods not real. Life is utterly meaningless, love is a chemical reaction, Eternal nothingness is science.
Everyone: .......
Ricky: want to see my fragile vial of smallpox? That's worth a laugh innit? Let me just finish my oily burrito..

Watching the new docuseries about the hopkonsville goblins with my bro.
Very excited.

Jörð and Sól do not mean to harm us.
Have we moved past reason and become only a chaotic force, the manifestation of Loki?
Has Surtr taken form in the burning furnace of capitalism?
I cry out,

Weird how my twitter to Mastodon relay stopped working but ill still keep checking and occasionally posting. I'm all about the twitters but I know it ain't good for me.

Elliott Abrams is a phantom imposter in a human suit, a spectral blood wraith from the lowest rings of niflheim.
Pass it on.

"Need to grow 3 inches? Try this one simple trick."

Clicks link, redirected to buddhism.xxx


Socialism means free love, free tacos, and nude rituals in the night to the old Gods.
Fight me cowards!

Why didn't they call that fucking elevator horror movie Hellevator?
Like 80% more people would have seen it.

Whatever I eat a bit of cheese and some bread its Ghost City every time.

Liberate yourself, be horny on main but don't harass women.

I literally worship the Goddess of Lust. Not being horny on main is sacrilegious.
I thought I had freedom of religion?

With all due respect to the Jewish community and the bigotry they have faced and continue to face () I dont give a fuck on an individual level if someones Jewish. I want to know what they stand for.
Basing your view of individuals solely on an identity is dangerous.

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