Woke up at 6 to find out the water was off. At first I thought that maybe I forgot to pay a bill. Then I remembered that we don't pay water, it's included in our rent.

The whole building is out.

So off to the gym shower. I'll have to reach out to property management today but I'm sure he's already got an ear full.

I'm really lucky that I have a nearby gym that's affordable and had showers.

If you have problems with dimensional rifts or fiends make you do silly things in your sleep, call the Mighy Nein Exterminators.
We'll dispel the rifts, pummel those fiends and probably make out with any succubi and incubi we come across.
Call now ! That's 555-MNEXT. We'll be there in a yiffy and frighten the neighbors too!

I've been recently re-watching older episodes of campaign 2. To paraphrase Sgt. Maj John Sixta from Generation Kill: "[Critters (or at least I)] around the world would giv's they left [reproductive glands] to [see a fan-animation of the ambush in c2ep28]"

I wish there was a way for to block an entire instance, like switter for instance. I want to use the fedivers on potentially supervised WLAN Networks, that frown upon porn. Yes I already autohid all pictures, but I'm not sure if the avatars are omitted from download in console view, plus I'm not really interested in acquiring any of these services now or the foreseeable longer future anyways.

Me: Instead of stuffing keywords for SEO just write good content.

SEO Writer: I *Online Marketing* Will *Local* Tried *Socal Media* That *Search Engine* But It *Analytics* Doesn't *Site Trust* Work.

Me: What?

@qwazix @jeffalyanak @aral @michelamarie I think personal computing devices should be self-teaching rather than intuitive, which can only go so far. And not through a separate "new user experience", but by having the whole user experience be a gradual ramp to advanced use. Jobs and Wozniak could have done this easily, especially if they'd paid more attention to Alan Kay.

"We can't stop here - this is EDGE country"

(on a road trip through Germany, dealing with 2G mobile infrastructure)

Free, subsidized world-wide shipping for products from China is a price we just can't afford to pay.

On the contrary, we're overpaying for this by further destroying our environment and economies.

Mind you: I'm not trying to bash Chinese products here. But please, let's not pretend shipping something worth $5 across the entire globe is something you'll get for free.

Since you recently released a video about the streaming mightiness of FFMPEG, here's something from DefCon 23 about other shenanigans one can get involved in :D


After nearly half a year i finally got around installing all the latest updates on my mediacenter.

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Having a barely configured hibernate in conjunction with systemd-boot in arch linux can have it's advantages. Yes, the computer will not wake up from s4 if you click the mouse or hit a key, but you can just boot into something else and then return to your populated desktop once you're finished in the other OS.

Wow, nice! As an apology for the delivery of a broken 3D printer, anycubic not only promptly reacted and replaced the faulty part within a day, they now also sent me a free roll (1kg / 2.2lbs) of PLA filament.

Now that's what you call customer service!

Yet another "We're sorry" card from the german Telekom for the scalp collection, after this Januaries mass service problems.

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