So my server decided to off itself, after ubuntu server editioni 18.04 do-release-upgrade decided randomly to upgrade to 19.10 dev, and losing all dns functionality after a hand full of updates.

Potatopic, with the potatocam,on the potatophone. Have a potatoday, y'all!

UHHHHG! Who's brilliant idea was it to put about 520000 files into one database?! SUCH A PAIN IN THE ASS!

Hey America,
Can you please call back your fire and brimstone street-preachers? We don't really need them.
With regards,
The Rest of the World

20 years ago: I wanna live in the big city!

10 years ago: Maybe somewhere on the outskirts will do?

today: Do they have a cabin in the woods with high-speed Internet?

dding stuff off of the microSD that was in my ebook reader. This smells like a prime opportunity for some more or less destructive (to the filesystem) alterations!

Summer 2019: Employees of $large_IT_company still do a "reply all" to very large mail distribution lists.

Everyone who did a "reply all" should be fired immediately on grounds of gross incompetence and danger to company assets.

First there were the four fundamental forces of nature and for a time it was good. Then mankind discovered it could harvest the power of the strong nuclear force and he promptly stockpiled a bunch of explosive devices.

I guess history repeats itself?

"take me down to concurrency city where green pretty is grass the girls the and are"

-- a programmer

if you're dropping fedilab for not blocking gab, why not drop windows for linux while you're at it?

. gave notch billions of dollars
. recently accepted a $480 million contract to develop VR tech for the US army
. profits from nearly every computer sale in the world, regardless of whether you want to even use the preinstalled windows or not
. overworks employees and retains "permatemp" employees, who work for the company permanently on a temp contract, to avoid providing medical benefits
. bans usage of the word "gay" (even as a surname) on xbox live
. collects data from windows users with no means to disable it

and the worst part is, because of microsoft's data collection, microsoft actually profits off of you if you have windows installed, unlike fedilab. if you ask others to uninstall fedilab, make sure you uninstall windows!

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Why are you pressuring me to block a instance from the 14k people here, when you can do that yourself?

Follow-up to this:

and , nuff said. Waiting for it to finish, but as it looks the disk was damaged only at the very beginning of the partition, and the folder structure is recoverable.

Die vor einigen Tagen angesprochene Datenrettung über #ddrescue war ein voller Erfolg. #photorec hat bereits sein übriges getan und eine Rohdatenrettung umgesetzt. Jetzt wird noch via #testdisk versucht die defekte kopierte Partition wieder herzustellen, in der Hoffnung dass die normalen Dateinamen und Ordnerstrukturen wieder auftauchen. Wenn nicht, nicht schlimm, ein Python-Skript sortiert parallel die Rohdatenrettung bereits nach Typ und Datum.

Auftraggeber strahlt. Ich liebe meine Arbeit.

Around this time last year in summer, I told my SO, that their HDD was making funny noise, and that they should let me replace it. Response was: not right now. Now, I'm running ddrescue and Testdisk in hopes of getting enough data to extract the files from the main data partition, since the drive ate the header of the FS. On the other hand, I get to do a major upgrade to their system. There's always a silver lining

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