Y'know, I've worked on good games and I've worked on bad games. And as far as I can tell, the amount of work it takes to release a bad game is no different from the amount it takes to make a good one.

(In fact, the wireless mouse just needed fresh batteries)

My browser is inexplicably sluggish, even slowing down the rate at which the cursor updates its position. "It must be mining bitcoin", I think, shaking my head.

Soooo if a person is sincerely capable of saying that one man is more masculine than another, does that mean they don't believe gender is binary?

How much would it change the Zelda games if the healing fairies greeted you with things like "Oh god, not again" and "Please don't do this to me"

Oh by the way my old friend needs someone to take over her puppet business. No joke. If you would like to make a decent living traveling the world doing puppet shows for people, hit me up. I'll connect you. She built up the business with her husband starting in 1979. They're ready to retire.

I try to not to be uptight about spacing and indentation issues, right? I like to be accommodating of whatever the local customs are. But there are some practices that strike me as just plain bizarre. And a lot of them are defaults in MonoDevelop.

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Gamedev - esp AAA - is maledominated yet somehow the roles I’ve helped hire for (now that I’ve done a mental count) have been a 50:50 gender split and I’ve never, ever had to lower standards and it’s an insult to everyone to suggest any part of that’s forced.

I think I just flunked the technical questions in a phone interview. On the plus side, it was for a position I didn't really want, and now I know what to bone up on.

Lesson learned: Apply for positions you don't want! It's good practice!

Take a moment to reflect that “the Victorian age” basically means the age of Winning, when the British Empire was ruled by Queen Wins

Dear San Rafael, California: It is October and I am ready for it to stop being summer now

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The more complex answer is that

"At no point on this trajectory will it be too late to work to make things better. "

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I'm not sure I really trust food brands that print brand-reinforcing messages on the inside of wrappers, like Dove chocolate and Noosa yoghurt. It shows a lack of confidence in the food itself to do an adequate job of reinforcing the brand once it's been unwrapped.

What I have done today:
✔ Boil 'em
✔ Mash 'em
✖ Stick 'em in a stew

Old enough to remember rotary telephones. Old enough to remember when the doctor measured your blood pressure manually, with a squeeze bulb and a stethoscope.

Old enough to remember ice cube trays with levers.

There are so many side projects I've wanted to pursue when I had a little more time that I'm winding up not doing much with any of them. I should just pick one and run with it.

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