So Katamari Reroll is a remake of the original Katamari Damacy? Any opinions about whether it's worth getting if I still have the original (and a PS2 capable of playing it)?

Y'know, I think I'd be a lot less reluctant to express affection for others if I knew a way to do it that didn't put pressure on them.

Cragne Manor, a massively collaborative tribute to the classic adventure game Anchorhead, has been released:

84 people, including myself, wrote rooms without seeing their context, exquisite-corpse-style. The result is incoherent in the best way.

Hot take: Cutscenes should be skippable and gameplay should also be skippable. If someone is so dang eager to finish the game, they should be able to do it by hitting esc a few times.

The 2009 Astro Boy CGI movie just showed up on Netflix and now that I've seen some of it, I'm seriously wondering if it's because of the upcoming Alita movie, because it seriously borrows heavily from Alita.

Does anyone else feel like it's a flaw in movie sequels when they assume that the audience is invested enough in the franchise to remember stuff from the previous film?

When you ban adult content, you wind up with nothing but child content.

The stages of Steam library growth:
- Own some games
- Own some games you haven't finished
- Own some games you haven't even started
- Own more games than you could possibly finish in a lifetime
- Own more critically-acclaimed, culturally-significant games that you were really interested playing than you could possibly finish in a lifetime
- Own more games than you could possibly start in a lifetime

Y’know, it would have been a lot more honest if the second Fantastic Beasts film were set in New York too

So like is there actually anyone sincerely worried about *false* allegations of sexual harassment or

Does this bother you: "You have welcomed me, and I thank you for your welcome."

So it looks like the Aquaman movie is basically “what if Black Panther, but fish”

I keep coming back to reminding myself of this simple way to figure out what to do:

For every decision, ask yourself "What would an asshole do?", and then do something different.

Hot take: Season 1 of Miraculous: The Adventures of Ladybug and Cat Noir is essentially the same story as season 2 of Utena

Vague text adventure idea: matching keys to locks not by their material or color but by the vocabulary used to describe them

Whoa. I just tried to follow a link to a tweet only to find that the tweeter -- a complete stranger to me -- has me blocked. No animosity towards the person in question -- blocking anyone for any reason is your right. I just wonder how it happened. Am I on a blocklist, maybe?

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Suddenly it hits me that the new Fantastic Beasts flick features a flesh bud straight out of Jojo

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