I recall once riffing with some friends on the topic of absurd metropolitan bus lines. "Ah yes, the 362. The city's only completely vertical bus route." That sort of thing.

One of my suggestions was a bus that has no engine, and is powered by the passengers lifting it up from the inside and running, Flintstones-style. Conceived as the ultimate in fuel efficiency, but ultimately not very popular with passengers.

But the thing is, it *does* have passengers -- basically, victims of the sunk costs fallacy, people who paid their fare, usually not understanding what they were getting into, and are unwilling to just waste that by getting off the bus.

Because it has trouble attracting enough passengers to lift it from the inside, it usually sits at a bus stop for hours, the passengers trying to get things going by yelling at passersby out the windows about how great it is on the bus.

"You're just prejudiced against it because you've bought into big oil propaganda. Really, the weight is nothing when it's shared by so many people. And once it gets going, it's a lot easier than walking!"

It's all obvious bunk, but it's a waste of time to argue with them. They're committed. The longer they've been waiting for enough passengers to start the bus, the less inclined they are to change their minds.

If you walk away without engaging them at all, they respond with scorn and insults. But the very harshest and most hurtful invective is reserved for people who commit the direst of sins: getting off the bus. This includes both people who got tired of waiting for it to start, and people who stayed on all the way to their intended destination.


Anyway, this is something that comes to mind whenever I see people online extolling the virtues of some investment vehicle.

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This entire metaphor was just an excuse to make a pun on "investment vehicle", wasn't it.

I approve.

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