WandaVision, Gnosticism 

Seriously, interpreting WandaVision through a Gnostic lens is the most interesting way to watch it, because it messes with the formula in ways that other blatantly gnostic works don't. It centers the Demiurge's viewpoint! The Demiurge is trapped in the false world with everyone else! There are *two separate* Sofia figures, bringing truth from outside, but one is good and one is evil, and the evil one is more effective!

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WandaVision, Gnosticism 


Yeah but the good Sofia can shoot lasers out of her eyes, so all arguments (with her) are invalid.

At least I assume she can. Maybe she just mostly has phasing powers, to uh, represent the impermanence of material desire in the face of realised enlightenment or something.

But also the eye lasers.

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