Which do you expect to still be around when the other shuts down for good?
(I'm posting this to both Twitter and Mastodon because I'm curious to see any difference in the response.)

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The results are in! On both platforms, a majority of those responding believe Mastodon will outlive Twitter. The ratio, however, is very different. On Twitter, 58% believe it. On Mastodon, 90%.

Also, the poll got 19 votes on Twitter and 62 on Mastodon, despite my lower follower count on Mastodon. I suspect this is because everyone on Mastodon has opinions about Twitter and only a minority of people on Twitter have opinions about Mastodon.

For what it's worth, I agree with the majority, for reasons that have already been articulated in the comments, on both platforms. Twitter is a private company; the only organization running Twitter servers is Twitter itself, which makes it a single point of failure.

On the other hand, who knows? We don't really have a lot of data on the longevity of social media sites. Some of the ones widely regarded as "dead" are still around.

@CarlMuckenhoupt Mastodon because it will be harder to shut down the whole thing, since there are so many instances.


Voted for us cuz' I'm a team player. In reality I have no clue.

@CarlMuckenhoupt I think the fediverse will stay around, although maybe not using the Mastodon server. New ActivityPub servers crop up all the time, and new instances as well, so I think this will last for a long time.

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