I've been changing in ways that would make a lot of people hate me.

Perhaps I should keep quiet.

Spiraling so hard I could drill a whole through the earth's core

Aaaaaand I embarrassed myself once again. How lovely.

I really am little more than an impressionable child, aren't I? Goddamn

Ugh, why do twitter gays gotta have such smoochable faces

I wanna smooch some gay faces

I hate the feeling that I might be overstepping someone's boundaries without so much as interacting with them.

With no opportunity to talk to them, I tend to express interest by liking/commenting on a bunch of their posts, which probably makes me look like a stalking creep.

I hate not knowing what the 'Correct Opinion™' on matters like China and Taiwan is supposed to be

I'd like to believe reality is way too complex to be condensed into 01 (one) correct take, but it's not like the internet gives a damn about that, ever

I'm quite in the mood for faceplanting on some man tits right now

Once you start collecting flacs there's just no going back

Not me organizing bookshelves in alphabetical order in minecraft of all places

I CANNOT BELIEVE that Radford isn't on Spotify

Literally worthless, 0/10

In the words of the one and only Lara Croft:

I woke up this morning and I just hated EVERYTHING

I'm having an absolute MELTDOWN over losing competitive sudoku


I think I might as well just copy paste my tweets from the bird app here

Yay I just beat the two solitaire levels that had me stumped

Someone be proud of me 🥺👉👈

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