@CarmePont I have refused to buy or wear a mask. I don't want to support that industry.

It's kinda ironic how much waste we're generating for this bullshit.
@slimeblob @CarmePont you don't have to buy a mask to wear one... just make one
@Ox @CarmePont I don't want to. They're silly, don't really do much and make people all scared and fearful. You can't smile at someone in a mask. They just kinda make people stupid.

I just want people to stop being stupid so it doesn't look like an Orwellian hell hole every time I walk down the street.

If that image bothers you, but you're up for even more depravity, this is highly disgusting: wsvn.com/entertainment/covid-1

Nadav Benimetzky, COVID-19 Essentials: “Anything that’s covid19 related, we have it.”

I wonder do they sell body bags.

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