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Also.. Hi, my name is Carrie. I like drawing, comics, and coffee.

By day, I'm a mild mannered health care process improvement person who doodles on the side. By night.. I sleep (sometimes).

My bird account: mnconundrum (for art and ranting) carrieschurman (for health care and ranting)

My instawhatever: carrieschurman

Truthfully he's just annoyed that I'm not actively petting him after petting the other one for about 20 minutes.. Because he wants ALL the pets

I wonder how he feels about me taking him to the vet for a check up today?

Good morning. Happy Year of New! I'm starting 2019 off by firing up my website for a new round of 100 Days of Making Comics:

I'm about to start a short 4 page comic for a group anthology in 2 days and looking forward to it but holy moly I need to organize my time and workspace better

It's the weekend, lovely folks.

You know, it's cool not to have a plan all the time. It's ok to just wing it and be lazy and not do anything.

Yeah, I know we all want to be super productive always active paragons of progress and that's cool, but take the time to be lazy and self indulgent when you can as well.

It helps.

what if batman, but a cute girl, and instead of perpetuating kyriarchy by aiding cops and punching mentally ill people, she did crimes to screw over shitty rich white dudes and help the marginalised, and wait that's catwoman. i'm describing catwoman

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