Obamacare, but for human rights. I imagine Democrats are buying MAGA hats by the palate as we speak.

You cannot be an MBTA bus driver unless you vowe to spike the curb at Lechemere station every single time you drive into it.

The McDonald's thing is direct media diversion to mask the discussion about the actual Russian connections recently uncovered. Don't fall for this shit.

Y'all really missing out if you don't get to see our cat run into the kitchen to "do yoga" with @jae_tree@twitter.com aka position himself so that everyone time she bends over she has to kiss him.

I think I may have to upgrade to a PS4 pro for gat danged Kingdom Hearts 3

Thinking about getting into facemasks just so I don't have to smell stinky subway people

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Obamacare is fucking trash and i can't wait for gutless Democrats to get out of the way of actual leftists who want to fight for universal healthcare

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Alright internet dream analysts, riddle me this. What does STRANGLING A SNAKE WITH YOUR BARE HANDS mean? Asking for a friend.

The two twitter alignments are live tweeting either the Golden Globes or AGDQ.

Looking at the AGDQ and for some ding dang reason Nier: Automata is a 3 in the forty five AM because???

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Quiiiiick reminder that the owner of Coachella has donated millions to the Republican Party. He has notoriously supported candidates that promote racism, sexism, homophobia, & unrestricted gun control at that. In this thread I’m gonna call for something a little crazy... twitter.com/coachella/status/1

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I'm gonna list some movies I liked this year in no particular order:

Into the Spider-Verse
Crazy Rich Asians

Nazi punks go home.

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Candace Owens Claims Trump's Popular With The Youth Generation Because He's 'Punk Rock' bit.ly/2GNFBwV

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can the person who wrote this folding sign PLEASE make a mastodon account

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