The first Massachusetts governor who campaigns on making 5G work in the subway wins with no contest.

RT Yeah cool I've been waffling for too long but now it's time to actually delete my account.


RT When they're trying to call the manager on her, you know AOC is doing things correctly. These wieners can't wait to start punching left


Secrets of keto Insta: you see all those posts of pristine keto pizzas, but you never see the shots of the floppy, soggy, bad crust once it's cut.

I'm a big pinko leftie, but man am I tired of people using MSG as a buzzword for industrial food. Y'all just buying into old racism.

RT anyone with a complaint about the detective pikachu movie can report those issues directly to these hands


Not terribly interested in Limetown coming back as a spy drama thing. I feel like every supernatural horror serial does this and it just isn't for me.

RT one taught me love
one taught me patience
one taught me bees


RT you hearing this?


RT I want to front a 6 part documentary on THE COOKING GENE. Blending....
Black Culinary History
Genealogy/Genetic Genealogy
Food and Cultural Tourism
Racial Reconciliation&Healing
Returning to Africa..
Who is down?


Seeing a couple "oops I didn't vote" posts today and that shit is gross. Luckily this isn't a subtweet 'cause I unfollowed their fake asses.

Y'all see this American hero?
RT Oh i fuxkin took my broke neck down the street to vote. Just very slowly and with my head pitched downwards at a very specific angle


RT you may hate Lord of the Rings (I won't judge) but you don't hate it as much as the guy in Tolkien's writing group who stood up during a reading and shouted "oh God, not another elf!"


Thought I looked good idk might delete this later

This is a declaration that the left is taking back anime. No borders, no walls, no 3D at all.

If you don't vote then how will we ever legalize anime?

While I'm espousing unsolicited advice: If you're playing Red Dead on PS4, turn OFF HDR. It's bad.

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