I have yet to see any defence of the idea that Warren has more progressive policies laid out than Sanders. I've been looking. All I've seen are platitudes.

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AMERICAN FASCIST: Your going to the camps
AMERICAN LIBERAL, FROWNING: calling them "camps" is very disrespectful twitter.com/WarrenIsDead/statu

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Was trying to set up a livestream for today but it’s string time.

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In case anybody also has a rough relationship with their father and today is a hard time for you:

I will be your dad. I am already proud of you. I can help you with your homework but I am bad at catch. Nobody's perfect but I'm willing to try, and that's what makes a true father.

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PLEASE stop breathlessly reporting that Nintendo's stock is dropping because they care about labor. Yes capitalism sucks but Nintendo's investors are particularly strange in that shares drop literally every time they do anything. Check these dates.

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If I could never read another blow-by-blow fight scene in a book ever again, that'd be just fine with me.

Am I currently holding in my hands a physical copy of the exact paper that invented packet switching as prepared for the United States Air Force?


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@JustinMcElroy@twitter.com film👏HD👏versions👏of👏shows👏and👏release👏them👏to👏the👏public👏

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She designed Bayonetta, Okami and now Ghostwire.
You are now in love with her forever

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me trying to ask my friend where all the great basement wine he was telling me about is

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This is the greatest goddamn thing I have ever seen please someone tell me who created it, that I may credit them

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Very excited to do public speaking today. Definitely not going to think about the time I got too toungue-tied to speak at my college capstone after realizing my research was inherently transphobic. Definitely not thinking of that at all.

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@TeamYouTube@twitter.com @gaywonk@twitter.com This is a terrible way to behave during pride, to protect anti gay harassment

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HANNIBAL: Our bodies are home to much we would consider foreign. Surgery is the art of separating dross from ore, of knowing where flesh ends and pain begins.
7-year-old: If you touch the sides I shout "operation" and you lose.
HANNIBAL: Let us hope it doesn't come to that.

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