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I'm Gage! I make an all-ages solarpunk comedy webcomic called Key to the Future's Fate (), which you can read over here

If you want to follow me just for art, I'm on
> Newgrounds (NSFW!)

If you want to follow me for social stuff AND art, I'm on
> Tumblr (
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I'm Gage! I make an all-ages solarpunk comedy webcomic called Key to the Future's Fate (), which you can read over on Tumblr (
You can also follow me in general on
> Tumblr (
> Twitter (
>deviantART (

NSFW, Furry 

Oh my god you two, just let Austin cum already. He's not gonna stop whining until you do.

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I like this one, I’m pretty happy with the hue shifts and colour temperatures. Purple shadows are a lot of fun to paint. :D #Heavypaint.

#mastoart #art #creativetoots #painting #landscape

This drawing was supposed to be a quick goof, but then I realized how difficult it was to draw someone raising up their shirt.

Then this became less about dunking on NFTs and more just trying to figure out how the hell to make this drawing work. Proud of the end result, though.

@honeyspr0ut on Twitter was drawing some other people's characters, so I returned the favor!

I made some new refs of my smut characters! Both with more "traditional" anatomy and more "cartoony" this time around!

Serious question:

Have any of you ever come across a series that was /intentionally/ trying to be poorly written?

I'm not gonna @ any /particular/ writers or stories, but I know that at least one is going to come to mind after you read this.

(This comes from the Evan Waterman guide to making comics, by the way. Fantastic resource!)

If I had a boyfriend, I'd nickname him "Handsome."

If I had a girlfriend, I'd nickname her "Cutiepie."

If I had an NB partner, I'd nickname them "Zokkthuul, First Titan of the Dark Harvest."

Or "Beandip."

NEW PAGE! In which Luca gives us a solid pitch for the Spring Fair. Such a shame we won’t get to see it.

Read it over on the website!

Remember that you can support the comic on Patreon if you so desire!

Me: *pops open a can of Spaghettios and drinks it like a soda*
So I heard you're single now~

Page 130 can be read here!

Given the times, I’ve been reluctant to post about my Patreon for the comic, but that is an option for anyone so inclined!

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NEW Key to the Future's Fate page for September 24th, 2020!

In which Luca continues to have emo-wait hold on how old are you??

New page below!

NEW PAGE! In which Luca sure has some emotions

Check out the page at !

And as always, thank you everyone who helps support the comic!

Here, have some Counterfeit Leons. Or if you prefer, enjoy my boy in cartoon art styles that Don't Exist.

This is a really fun exercise, by the way! I recommend giving it a try!

NEW page! In which Leon is reminded of a sore spot in his life


If you are able and comfortable with doing so, I always appreciate any support I can get! One of the easiest ways is through Ko-Fi!

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Thanks to her parents, Nascha is skilled in all manners of thievery. She keeps a bag full of lockpicks with her at all times, as well as her demon fangs. Interestingly, her blades simply pass through people, causing some sort of distortion in their bodies, knocking them out instead of killing them.
#art #myart #myartwork

Quote from a book I'm reading: A Short History Of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson, about the variety of life on Earth

NEW page! In which Leon and Luca discuss what’s waiting ahead at the Historical Museum

The new page is up on the website! (I’m testing to see if not adding links will make this more visible here. The site is key to the futures fate . com)

Remember that you can always support the comic on Ko-Fi!

NEW page! In which we learn about power sources & nothing else weird

Things aren’t the best right now & this comic will remain free for the foreseeable future. Still if you want to support it consider sending me a Ko-fi!

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