Today is the 2nd anniversary of my webcomic, [un]Divine! ✨ You can check it out here:

@Efi .... they’re not straight. Dan’s a queer ace and Esther’s a gender fluid pan but hey I guess it doesn’t matter unless they’re both the same cisgender? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'm never gonna stop being amused when ppl are surprised Dan isn't wimpy >:]

Haven’t posted here in awhile but I’ve been learning how to animate recently!

Wanted something really summer-y for this month’s mail club print since it’s finally getting warm again

@aszabla I... blocked them too. Crayon beetle too scary for me

I made a vero account but it hasn’t let me post anything yet so.........

Made a zine exclusively for next week! I just wanted something new to have so I collected all the saucy sketches and extra comics from patreon >0>

No nudity but rated Teen for ‘suggestive themes’

I'm working on a cheesy mini comic to put in a zine so I can have something new for eccc in march *scrambles*

The side comics I do are in grayscale to save time but I’m so not used to grayscale coloring that it ends up taking longer than just the regular full-color I usually do. @ _@

Either way, gotta finish this mannyxrosa mini soon so I can make a new zine for eccc!

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