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I’m traveling all night so this is my first all-nighter awake since college and I will be McDead™️ by then end of it

‪Reached the tutorial goal on patreon! ;0; Guess for the first one I’ll do will be on the basic building blocks of comics so ppl have a starting point before I get into further comic theory 🤔

Also gonna release tutorials publicly after awhile so no biggie~

@shingworks told my hubs you’ve been making your own kombucha and he was like “WHAT???” so I guess he’s gonna try making some

ch4 especially got reduxed quite a bit and it's gonna be wild y'all

I've been writing out details for the last half of ch3 and ch4 and lemme say I'm really pumped to draw some crazy stuff in 2018 >>

@Catcoconut actually I have a friend who works as a mortician. We could have a podcast talking about spoopy stuffs in media and stuff..........

Ah one day I wanna make a podcast but it’s just gonna be me asking friends to talk to me about random comics and art crap for an hour 🤔

My goal is to have panels look unabashedly like anime stills *shakes fist*

Some of my favorite [un]Divine panels I did this year! I'm all about wide shots

@longlostlora I was just about to ask u! :0 I’ll send a dm on twit ah sorry! it would be for colleagues

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