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Ayme Sotuyo @Catcoconut@mastodon.social

I grew up in a flat subtropical region so being able to see mountains and the leaves change in autumn from my window is the coolest thing

Filed under "Daniel carrying Esther of various sizes but she's too lazy to move"

Time to get so much comic work done today

there's a lil bit of blood Show more

Hi I'm a Cuban freelance comic artist working for BOOM!Studios and my webcomic [un]Divine on Hiveworks!

✨ Pls read my webcomic with a soulless highschooler and his big demon friend ✨
mastodon.social/media/q23YgWP4 mastodon.social/media/l13gruTd

ok hold up, why is the .social and .art 2 separate accounts? I am so confused

I was told there will be webcomics here