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ch4 especially got reduxed quite a bit and it's gonna be wild y'all

I've been writing out details for the last half of ch3 and ch4 and lemme say I'm really pumped to draw some crazy stuff in 2018 >>

@Catcoconut actually I have a friend who works as a mortician. We could have a podcast talking about spoopy stuffs in media and stuff..........

Ah one day I wanna make a podcast but it’s just gonna be me asking friends to talk to me about random comics and art crap for an hour 🤔

My goal is to have panels look unabashedly like anime stills *shakes fist*

Some of my favorite [un]Divine panels I did this year! I'm all about wide shots

Yo buds/mutuals, I wanna make a discord group for us webcomic peeps! Anyone up for that? >0>

There was some really cute ship art of Dan and Es this year....

some extra steamy ship art went up last night 🔥🔥

this preview crop is so embarrassing AHH

@Catcoconut I’m sick of companies exploiting ppl who are the reason for their business in the first place. The second Drip is out of beta I’m moving over to it because patreon’s deflection and disregard for their user base is becoming to much to ignore.

Ah I’m so upset about the fee changes Patreon’s tacking on tomorrow! It’s so exploitative to charge patrons a processing fee PER PLEDGE. That makes supporting 1 creator cheaper than supporting several at once! And what’s the point of having customer service when they just copy/paste the same non-answer every time??

I’m so conflicted. Do I delete $1 pledges since they just aren’t worth charging that much for? Do I re-structure tiers to reflect the fees which screws everyone?

It takes me about 2 hrs to flat a comic page. Ppl tell me to hire a flatter for my pages but I can’t let someone go thru the pain that is flatting my gap filled squiggly lines.

The sticks for nov's mail club were really cute.........

Going to slowly move my Etsy store to Big Cartel since it’s be cheaper and I don’t really do as much merch as I used to 🤔

So much ship art on the mind ahhhhhhhhhh

Since patreon’s my outlet for these now I have no excuse not to draw steamy stuff!!!! (This is the tamest one)

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