Today in “work or demonic ritual?” 😱

(via a PR Michael Ilseman put up)

It’s funny how mental models change. I used to see code as a crystalline lattice thing… it feels more like clay to me now. A lot of my problem solving approach is just mushing it between semantically equivalent shapes until I understand it more.

*looks away from Hollow Knight for like 1.5 seconds because the cat is being cute*

Hollow Knight: haha, the floor collapsed under you and you fell four stories into The Spider Place


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Ranting to a friend in text messages so you don’t rant to the world on twitter is extremely useful

*goes to bed late due to helping Heather with something for her class*

*wakes up in the middle of the night due to back pain*

*wakes up unexpectedly early in the morning for no dang reason*

*groggy mental math*

yeah today is gonna suck

Me: ok let’s go check out a video of this bit of Hollow Knight platforming so I can see what I’m up against

Player in the video: *dies like 75 times in a row*

Me: oh

*joins swift team chat*

jckarter: “you can use return type context to disambiguate dot product from cartesian product”

*leaves swift team chat*

Living in a treehouse at the edge of the impenetrable pointer forest overlooking the lazy swamp. It’s, well, picturesque would be a lie.

I realize this is cliche at this point but I just found an old tweet of mine that I KNOW is from 5+ years ago and it says 2017 and HOW LONG IS THIS YEAR ☹️

The kitten already knew how to drink quietly and efficiently from a small bowl, but she’s apparently latched onto the dog as a parent figure and is learning to drink noisily and inefficiently from a large bowl 😂

Me: *puts a bunch of fiction book ratings into an ML system*

ML system: you should read SICP

got me, I guess :P

It tickles me every time that K6BD has colossal reanimated deity-corpses being completely mundanely used as public transit

Allocation 2%
Copying 5%
Refcounting 8%
Generic Metadata Lookup 3600%
Miscellaneous 1.5%

someone who is good at the programming please help me fix this. my bridging code is dying

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