The "no true Scotsman" fallacy is... 

... the mistaken belief that there exists no true Scotsman.

In fact, at any give time, there are between one and three of them.


However, prior to c++11, other Scotsmen were implicitly convertible to bool, resulting in additional ambiguity.


Discussion is currently ongoing on replacing the existing implementation defined collection with a single canonical Scotsman, declared constexpr, in the upcoming c++20 standard. 🤔

Pet death 

We said goodbye to our other rat, Snicker, this evening. Here’s a picture of her with her sister when they were babies

I got like 10 hours of sleep so today is either going to kick ass or my body will react to relaxing by getting sick. It does that sometimes.


Melody is openly offended we gave her kibble instead of this 😂

Flipped this recipe around to start the onions first because 5 minutes is a sad amount of time for them.

Caramelized onion, beef stock concentrate, garlic, paprika, oregano, thyme, basil, parsley, salt, pepper

Then ground beef and crushed tomatoes and a long simmer

Just saw a listing for a home for sale that described it as an “industrial income retreat” 🤢

(No it wasn’t in the Bay Area)

Bodies, theory: the endpoint of millions of years of evolution, an almost unimaginably refined and versatile machine

Bodies, practice: stepped into bright sunlight and was near-incapacitated by sneezing for ten minutes

After Modern Horizons, WotC should print a Postmodern Magic set:

* Only legal in standard, no eternal formats
* Reprint Solemn Simulacrum
* Opposite of full-art cards: no-art cards
* Reprint Ad Nauseam
* Reprint One with Nothing

When a weird ASAN-resistant memory smasher shows up and you even *might* be able to help (this time I wasn’t), you help, because there but for the grace of Satan go you.

David that’s not how the saying goes, it’s t—

God has no dominion over heap smashers.

Today’s obscure bridging bug: what’s the length of *half* of ʃ?

Thanks Harmony. That boot didn’t need an insole I guess >.<

Tonight’s midnight dog walk drama:

Melody: omg I must get up the hillside!

Me: … … … why?

Melody: it’s important!

Me, squinting into the darkness: what’s up there?

Big ol’ raccoon: sup?

The dog was so excited to see me she hit herself in the face with her tail 😍

Just ignore the fact that they somehow managed to pile most of their toys under that stool 😂

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