When a weird ASAN-resistant memory smasher shows up and you even *might* be able to help (this time I wasn’t), you help, because there but for the grace of Satan go you.

David that’s not how the saying goes, it’s t—

God has no dominion over heap smashers.

Today’s obscure bridging bug: what’s the length of *half* of ʃ?

Thanks Harmony. That boot didn’t need an insole I guess >.<

Tonight’s midnight dog walk drama:

Melody: omg I must get up the hillside!

Me: … … … why?

Melody: it’s important!

Me, squinting into the darkness: what’s up there?

Big ol’ raccoon: sup?

The dog was so excited to see me she hit herself in the face with her tail 😍

Just ignore the fact that they somehow managed to pile most of their toys under that stool 😂

Dungeon Crawl opportunism:

100041 | Zot:5 | Cast into level 5 of the Abyss (an ancient lich)
100316 | Abyss:5 | Got an abyssal rune of Zot
100980 | Zot:5 | Got the Orb of Zot

Yes, I got banished *from the orb chamber* and picked up the rune while I was out 😂

Muni station announcement, in the most exhausted voice I’ve ever heard: “…when you get a chance, could you bring a roll of paper towels? Not urgent, not a priority”

I feel like saying “shit is about to get weird and/or go down” about k6bd is extremely redundant, but even in that context: shit is about to get weird and/or go down


On Tuesday, my new (level 1) D&D group took on a child's bounty to find her cat.

Today, that quest resulted in us:

• holding palaver with the treant who had adopted the cat as an unwilling pet
• agreeing to render the local lumber mill inoperable in exchange for returning the cat
• massacreing a troupe of kobolds for a bounty
• leaving one kobold (named Fukkov Parr) alive so we could frame him for burning down the lumber mill
• deciding that we're actively sponsoring him as an ecoterrorist

Heh, I just remembered the D&D villain I made a while back, the nigh-omnipotent Rules Orb, GIGO: dscoder.com/rulesinevitable.pd

FF7 remake? Can’t wait to see gamers laud the return to apolitical games as they play a kid who joins an ecoterrorist group in a corporate-owned slum before discovering he’s the product of unethical military experiments!

Also lmao the 1st image search result is porn 🤦‍♂️

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