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Dungeon Crawl opportunism:

100041 | Zot:5 | Cast into level 5 of the Abyss (an ancient lich)
100316 | Abyss:5 | Got an abyssal rune of Zot
100980 | Zot:5 | Got the Orb of Zot

Yes, I got banished *from the orb chamber* and picked up the rune while I was out 😂

Muni station announcement, in the most exhausted voice I’ve ever heard: “…when you get a chance, could you bring a roll of paper towels? Not urgent, not a priority”

I feel like saying “shit is about to get weird and/or go down” about k6bd is extremely redundant, but even in that context: shit is about to get weird and/or go down

On Tuesday, my new (level 1) D&D group took on a child's bounty to find her cat.

Today, that quest resulted in us:

• holding palaver with the treant who had adopted the cat as an unwilling pet
• agreeing to render the local lumber mill inoperable in exchange for returning the cat
• massacreing a troupe of kobolds for a bounty
• leaving one kobold (named Fukkov Parr) alive so we could frame him for burning down the lumber mill
• deciding that we're actively sponsoring him as an ecoterrorist

Heh, I just remembered the D&D villain I made a while back, the nigh-omnipotent Rules Orb, GIGO:

FF7 remake? Can’t wait to see gamers laud the return to apolitical games as they play a kid who joins an ecoterrorist group in a corporate-owned slum before discovering he’s the product of unethical military experiments!

Also lmao the 1st image search result is porn 🤦‍♂️

nsfw, tmi, medical 

*looks at Georgia*

Y’know, I was *really* hoping that when I looked at the state of the world a while back and decided to get a vasectomy I was overreacting.

Guess I wasn’t.

Object permanence: “ok so when you look away from an object it’s still there”

Me, with ADHD: “sounds extremely fake tbh”

OP: “no, seriously, it’s r—“

The pants I grabbed 13 seconds ago to put on but put down briefly: *nowhere to be seen*

*Heather and Melody go for a walk*

Harmony: MOW ☹️

Me: *pats bed*

Harmony: *chirps, excitedly jumps up next to me, then realizes it’s just me and walks off again*

Harmony: MOooooooow 😭

If you leave the h out of eschatology it means the world will come to a sticky end

*sleeping peacefully at 7:30 AM*

The cat: *sloooooowly reaches out to grab my ass*

A) wtf my cat groped me
B) she is pointy!

Turns out being very tired and playing competitive Magic don’t work well together 😅 I uh… made some fairly crucial and obvious mistakes.

Still, won one round and had fun.

Cool shit about this job: getting a demo & history of the Self language from one of the lead designers of Self

LOL. Uh. I guess I fixed the last thing in that benchmark that was O(n) 😂

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