:_gaysparkle: Mauve's Polari Word of the Day :_gaysparkle:

Today's word is the only Polari term I've ever come across which is explicitly trans-related:

remould = GRS/GCS

I would probably use this myself, since I'm fond of irreverent ways of describing my own experience of being trans. I'm interested to hear what my trans followers think, though - "remould", yay or nay?

Old southern guy just said that someone "always says he gonna do wonders, but ends up shitting cucumbers" and we're still trying to work out what that means.

A thing that’s nice about working with mostly men is I don’t feel bad about telling them they’re wrong

And even if I have to go to Claremont
Well I guess I'll just have to go to Claremont
Let me go
Let me lie low

You've been away for quite some time
And now the rules are different
Now everything's mine
Backtrack. Hey, what's the problem?
Here's the problem:
Everything's mine


throwback to when i found out ikea lets u design a couch n made 5k couch that spells out lesbian

twitter remains pretty awful on the main but every now and then it really fuckin delivers

theory: klingons dislike ferengi because so many of them got their finances in trouble watching knife shows on ferengi QVC

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