Diva our neighbors dog now has an outdoor sofa and barks much less and basks like a pittie Queen

-I’m very gay
-poirot is very gay
-watching poirot with my wife as self care is very gay

@Laser Girl Laser once drew Thomas The Tank Engine with an emo haircut and the text "Tanking Back Sunday" and made $56 in kickbacks from Threadless.

cast my NJ primary vote today, proudly filled that bubble next to Bernie and wrote in Mickey Mouse instead of the blue dog dem running unopposed for the house

i stand by my belief that a lot of internet culture is people on drugs trying to pretend they're not.

How I feel at a friend’s party when her husband & his friends come through

Hands down, this is the best mashup of midcentury furniture, cocktail culture, and robotic age styling. Alleged to have been inspired by the moon landing. Vintage bar by Borghesani, 1969. (Photos by an unknown 1stDibs seller and Kelly Wearstler)

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