Local fat bitch coming through to remind you that calories are fairly arbitrary numbers calculated by a 19th century guy who literally set foods on fire to heat water & decided that was how your body works, and the scale is nothing but a reflection of how much gravity is working on your mass in that given moment

@Cathymarinara a measure of food energy dating from a time when we knew exactly nothing about the chemistry of cellular metabolism

@TrannyOakley exactly! You might as well be measuring my skull to tell me what my criminal-class deviant ass should be eating 🙄

@Cathymarinara that toot reads like a jumbled page from a Genet novel; deviant criminal ass eating

I'm looking at the original post for this and thinking about how only Mastodon can make this progression

@Cathymarinara @TrannyOakley

Counting calories is the most made-up way to eat less BUT WITH MATH. I feel so, so fortunate that I hadn’t been pulled into diet culture until age 37 because I just know that I would have developed even more food issues than I already have.
This stuff is black magic, the *actually* bad kind.

@Cathymarinara And to top it all off, our bodies react differently to calories from different foods. So while a "calorie is a calorie" is technically true, it damn sure ain't the whole picture.

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