I feel like when time is considered money, then are entire temporal existence is commoditized, and we experience time in this really anxious, run-down-the-clock sort of waym

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Whoops looks like I still fuck up with "are" and "our" and it's making my eye twitch but I will not delete and repost I will not

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@Catsandcatsandcats max weber writes about this in the protestant ethic and spirit of capitalism. he argues that many cultures perceive time as cycles of renewal, whereas calvinism sees it as linear decay.


Yeah, that's kind of how I feel a lot; this sort of linear pressing, even when I'm not on the clock--it's like "if I had worked today I could've made x money by now so am I getting the maximum value out of this little bit of free time I have that I should be?" etc etc.

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