I really hate when I see rightwingers do the "take your SSRI's" bit


It might be true that more people on the left are on SSRI's (myself included), but it definitely does not follow that it's because something's wrong w/ us.

Perhaps it's because, gee I dunno, maybe we have this thing called empathy? And capitalism is psychically awful to people who have such an ability...whereas some folks choose to internalize the ideology of the status quo and cover up the emptiness it inflicts with toxic personality traits?

Just a thought.

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I think, if we ever come out the other side of capitalism, and gain enough distance where people can look back on our society with a historical materialist perspective, it will become painfully obvious: the epidemic of mental illness is part and parcel of normal human beings trying to navigate this awful, dehumanizing system.

That is, if we don't continue to simply white knuckle through by changing ourselves rather than the circumstances

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