I feel like I owe y'all some inktobers!

I came here to take dumb selfies with my dog.

Getting some good dog action this weekend.

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Getting ready for a road trip to the Wyoming area, and I am so ready to drive forever and see good sights.

Had an awesome day hanging with friends in the sun. More of this, please!

Had a great Free Comic Book Day!

My favorite part was, after giving some advice to a 12 yo girl who wants to make her own comics, when she came back about 15 minutes later and wanted a picture with me. Then she got a serious look on her face and asked if she could hug me.
I've spent a lot of time on the sidelines of this industry feeling small, and like nothing I do matters to anyone. This interaction means more to me than any compliment or award I could possibly receive.

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Hell of a book from @squinkyelo@twitter.com. Hard to describe. A hybrid of prose & line art that reads with effortless flow. Starts as a whimsical essay and transforms into a deeply emotional parable. Published by @fantagraphics@twitter.com and highly recommended!

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Found some rare artifacts from ancient times when cartoonists did their own stapling.

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Lately I've been breaking my rule of no Twitter before noon, and I have been regretting it.(=o=;)

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One of my favorite comics valentines is Nora & Bear from My Boyfriend is a Bear, by @Cattifer@twitter.com & @pamelaribon@twitter.com. Here's some fan art I drew- an evening of bearaoke.

Comics biz details: Publisher: @OniPress@twitter.com, Diamond Order Code:DEC171719 FOC 3/19/18 On sale: 4/18/18

❤️❤️✨ Happy Valentine's Day from Nora and Bear!✨❤️❤️

Why not pre-order a gift for your special someone? MY BOYFRIEND IS A BEAR is available for pre-order until March 19th!

Diamond order code: DEC171719

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Oh hey I finished that Swamp Thing sketch. The original is on etsy: etsy.me/2CdFhjk

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Attn freelancers: This is one of the most valuable blogs I've ever read. @_katie_lane@twitter.com in 2010 dissecting a publisher's agreement to teach you How to Read a Contract. workmadeforhire.wordpress.com/

Yo! Buy my book! MY BOYFRIEND IS A BEAR comes out April 18th, and the best way to help me is to preorder with your LCS! Here's how:

Use Diamond order code: DEC171719 before the Final Order Cutoff date of March 19th.

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