Let's Talk About Tails!

Okay let's be self indulgent and talk about everyone's favorite caudal appendage! Fluffy? Smooth? Thin? Fat? Prehensile? Just for wagging? De(tails) you wish would be included in art/media etc? Let's discuss! Feel free to reply to people in-thread!

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@Caudle I want ArenaNet to fix the (approximately) 50% of armor in the game that doesn't have a tail hole (click on individual armor sets to see the back)

@Caudle i intentionally break the laws of reason and practicality and have as many soft fluffy tails as makes sense for this specific moment in time.

they don't even have to be fluffy but that only comes up in times that need a CW and aren't great to talk about with people i don't know

@Caudle Thick, muscled, strong tails! Tails that flatten out for swimming, and tails you can knock someone over with.

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