One good thing about being a lion is that you're never in need of a mop...

I really wanna watch the new Pixar short Kitbull, but as someone who worked in an animal shelter for years, in a heavy dogfighting city, and currently owns a dog, I know that thing is gonna destroy me like a snowglobe in a tumble dryer...

Listening to The Pillows while fiddling with some work tonight. I forgot how much FLCL had an effect on my teenage life. Neat little time portal, music is.

One thing the un-used Lady-Elephant assets by Brandon Lawless for Zootopia prove is this:

Trunks are cute as heck'


Gf sent me this last night and I think it’s really important for pretty much anyone struggling with depression.

Doing things poorly is better than doing nothing at all.
Take care out there! πŸ’ͺπŸ½πŸ’–


I still think about that one time I was at a con, and hung out with a fellow for a chunk of it, and said a the end 'It's been so nice meeting you this convention!"

To which he replied:

"Dude...we have met many times."

That moment will haunt my deepest nightmares.


The gym can't think of anything so they have to steal themed days from furry twitter.



Older pic that I like showing getting a taste of his own medicine, featuring Dentia!


Alright! back to Valentines Threads!

These are taking a while to get out because there was so much interest, thank you!

While I don't think I'll be taking any more, if you've been enjoying them, Ko-fi is always appreciated!

Art by Pac


Reminder to folks! If you like the stuff I do I've got a swanky online store full of neat audio content centred around hypnosis and vore! Check it out!


Still fiddling around with After Effects. I figured out how to make swirl patterns of any color. Still fiddling with center -placement on the swirls, but here's a neat test!

Art by originally, staring

Keep staaaring...

Patreon Stream!

Watch me Write/Script!
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Audio Edit!
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Available to all Tiers!

I kinda wanna do patreon streams where I work on stories and audios and we watch Moomins...


Doing some leg stretches! Older sketch I finally finished up


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