I guess one serious post I will make is this: there is a real movement to threaten, endanger, and literally kill journalists for doing their jobs. The tactics (doxing, stalking, calls for doxing and stalking, death threats, lies or misleading statements in order to stir people up) are replicable and are being replicated. This is now part of the job description. It shouldn’t have to be. The only allies we have are members of the public who can discern and call out dishonesty.


@sarahjeong This has been the reality in Eastern Europe, China, much of Latin America, and parts of Africa for decades or longer. That is is coming here—and growing—is terrible. That it’s being actively promoted by a major political party and the executive branch of government is frightening.

@Cdespinosa @sarahjeong the cops have been pointing guns at me and stealing my film/memory cards in Latin America for a long time now, I’m worried about this reality coming to the States.

@Cdespinosa @sarahjeong that was my immediate thought also on reading Sarah's toot. "being a journalist is deadly" has been true often and in many places.

"It can't happen here" is a lie the West needs to wake up from. This also applies to fascism etc. Holy shit, it's really happening. (Again.)

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