A lot of the things and people I admired when I was younger are really problematic to me now. Songs, movies, books, heroes. Now I can see them as sexist and racist and perpetuating patriarchy and basically cruel. This is not because I have become a better person; or was stupid and cruel then; it is because society has improved, and us with it. Somewhat. We have room to grow, room enough for our kids to look back on us now and our idiotic cruel ignorance that few today see...listen to them.

@Cdespinosa I actually can't watch Princess Bride now

because I watched it and heard lines casually tossed off like 'where I come from, there are penalties if a woman lies' and I'm... what??? I thought this was a fun fantasy romp!!!

@natecull I was humming “Gimme Three Steps” by Lynyrd Skynrd and suddenly realized that the dude ran and left Linda Lou with an abusive, possessive boyfriend with a gun. It’s not fun anymore.

Fantasy implies past, retrograde societies.

I mean, you're watching a movie where seafaring piracy is rampant, and power is inherited from father to son. Monarchy!!!

Just block out the bad parts and enjoy.


@Cdespinosa I reread Prelude to Foundation this week. I don't remember the last chapter being so ew.

@Cdespinosa yep. Some books I read anyway and accept that they were a product of their time and feel thankful that we've made (some) progress.

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