Austin, TX. Photo by @wagsphoto. Calm, unthreatening, peaceful protest, with police assaulting citizens with pepper spray.

We have a pair of Bewick’s wrens that nested in a jumble of junk on the back porch. This little guy comes and goes all day bringing grubs. Yummy, yummy grubs.

The LEDs in light bulbs may have a long rated life, but the miniature switching power supply doesn’t. In this one, what blew out was ironically the diode.

Dude implies he has a proof of the Reimann hypothesis and schedules a colloquium to describe his proof. Books the room for 45 minutes. That’s confidence.

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This was legit tweeted by the campaign manager for the sitting President. Do they want this to look like a gangster shakedown?

This doesn’t seem like something produced by a normal climate

1982’s Corvus Concept. Pushed the limits on everything in the age: 68000 processor, bitmap display (that rotated!), built-in hard drive and networking, a proprietary OS based on the UCSD p-system, hosted FORTRAN and Pascal development environment. We thought this was going to eat everybody’s lunch.But at $5000 the IBM PC and clones beat it.

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This public statement by a public servant is offensive and deplorable, but not as deplorable as “we know the Chief Executive is unable to execute his duties but be comforted that we’re trying to keep him from breaking the law TOO much aren’t we patriotic?”

Fabienne Serrière (@fbz on big bird) poured a Mac SE ROM into a knitting machine and made scarves

Get Rich Quick schemes from the classified ads section of Popular Electronics, 1977.

Tonight’s : my favorite kit from the late 70s, the OAE Op-80A paper tape reader. Very simple, just 11 chips (nine 555s to denounce the phototransistors, a flip-flop to latch the parallel output based on the feed hole, and a few NAND gates). You provided the motive power for pulling the tape through, not too fast for whatever you were sending the parallel output to. I used it to write Apple I programs offline on paper tape and type them in fast, before we got the tape interface.

Happy Labor Day. Remember that it’s about social and economic justice.

1985: Mac HD20, a $1499 hard drive that plugged into the external floppy port of the Mac 512K and Mac 512Ke. Look at that 15-second spin up time!

May 1977: a color TV in a kit.. Not only digital channel selection, but PROGRAMMABLE: you could set it up to automatically change channels every hour all evening long. 17 individual circuit boards, each with dozens of hand-soldered components. $729.95. Remote control an additional $99.95.

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