Austin, TX. Photo by @wagsphoto. Calm, unthreatening, peaceful protest, with police assaulting citizens with pepper spray.

I’m certain that there are yahoos all across Minnesota and the Midwest that believe the boogaloo has begun and will be trucking up to Minneapolis to be met by the National Guard. They will expect to be greeted as liberators.

white people of mastodon you should be actively looking for poc and nonwhite folx to boost and amplify today. also every day thereafter.

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Alternatives to calling the police. It’s written from the perspective of an organization but most of the advice could apply to your personal home or neighborhood. It’s also a mindset.

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We have a pair of Bewick’s wrens that nested in a jumble of junk on the back porch. This little guy comes and goes all day bringing grubs. Yummy, yummy grubs.

The one thing we can be sure of is that tomorrow will be stupider.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day on the tweeter. May be hanging out here much more

Reentering the Fediverse here because who knows what's going to happen tomorrow

Sometimes the vanguard is the person out in front leading the charge
Sometimes the vanguard is the person hanging back guarding the van

Guy Fawkes Day Reminder for Americans who Watched V for Vendetta: Fawkes was the baddie.

@stevestreza it really is terrible the Apple I ships with all the components already soldered to the board and no way for enthusiasts to swap them around. Computing is moving to a closed model and it is a horrible regression from the open modular nature of kit-built S-100 machines

Bodacious cowboys such as your friend will never be welcome here

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