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If you wear your Banya slippers in the Japanese soaking tub, please stop. Ick.

Humans are symbiotic parasites that corn, wheat, rice, and soybeans independently captured to help them spread and propagate. The real genius was looping in cows, pigs, and chickens. Without them the grasses would have beat the grains and beans.

Structurally, Steely Dan’s “Barrytown” is a classic Protestant hymn.

Continuing my OS X Mojave feature tour... hooray home control from a Mac! This way I can control all my lights and stuff from my laptop as I'm doing my last reading before bed.

Yes, I have a lot of programmable LED light thingies. Why do you ask?

what do you get when you ask five German DevOps engineers if they can achieve continual uptime in production?

TIL that the 1971 top 10 hit “Chick-a-Boom” was written for the Saturday morning cartoon series Groovy Goolies, a spinoff of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. (If you’re under 50, you have no idea.)

As I mentioned some of this in a thread… an overview of Apple II-family memory expansion methods.

The 6502 has a 16-bit address space, and the base Apple II architecture has 48 kiB of memory mapped from $0000 through $BFFF, I/O in $C000-CFFF, and ROM mapped from $D000-FFFF. Up to this point, everything’s straightforward (there is bankswitching of expansion slot ROM in the $C800-CFFF space, but outside of that…)

Going beyond that…

Apple Language Card (official): 12 kiB of RAM paged in on top of ROM, and another 4 kiB of RAM paged in on top of the bottom of ROM ($D000-DFFF) - two levels of bankswitching
Saturn Systems RAM Board: Up to 128 kiB of RAM, made by adding a third level of bankswitching to the above, so you switch which Language Card is in use.

@freakazoid @dredmorbius @enkiv2 @Triplefox @natecull Imagine what Ted Nelson's parallel textface could do for programming.

The one thing we can be sure of is that tomorrow will be stupider.

When I am an evil overlord, none of my henchmen will be allowed to have social media accounts on which they can accidentally say the quiet thing out loud.

Dude implies he has a proof of the Reimann hypothesis and schedules a colloquium to describe his proof. Books the room for 45 minutes. That’s confidence.

This week, more or less, is the 40th anniversary of my first UNIX mail account, on UNIX C at UC Berkeley.

If you play the devil’s advocate you’re acknowledging it would be just and fair for the devil to win

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